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Originally published on March 14, 2016 in Poetry        

A kind of atheistic sadness

There’s only two types in the world,
The ‘righters’ and the ‘wrongers’.
The righters rub the earth along,
The wrongers are the bombers.

The former gently greet the spring,
the daffodils in bloom.
The latter plant explosive nigh
the building, now a tomb.

One god; ten versions of each creed,
with tongue and sword and pen,
some fight, some kill and maim their kin,
preach goodwill among men.

Hypocrisy, thy name is clear,
yet spread from holy floor,
the folly of religious souls
intent on peace through war.

Christians, Jews and Islamists,
all have one aim in mind.
Competitive for market share,
their quest for humankind.

From proselytising childhood babes,
as practised in our homes,
to forcing god on captive slaves,
religion through their tomes.

The ‘deathwatch’ public sit in awe
while crime and battles rage.
The media hide the worst of it,
the gore escapes the page.

But in our name these horrors breed,
the guilty live next door.
Humans in religious chains,
from cot to coffin floor.

David March 2016

© bozzz (Bozzz on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 36330
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e-griff on 14-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
An example of how to write. Concise, meaningful, neatly wrapped. Good ending. Impressive.

Author's Reply:
Hi John. Pluses from you mean a great deal - greatly appreciated - my thanks...David
If the nib came from you, even more thanks. D

Supratik on 14-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
I absolutely second the first comment. A poem like this has the potential to change the mindset of a large section of deluded population. A well-deserved nib. Yours, Supratik

Author's Reply:
Thank you Supratik for your encouragement in our quest. Not sure whether what we publish in AKA will have too much effect on the world, sadly not enough people read our stuff, a few hundred mostly though I did once get to 1000 a few years back. My best wishes to you good friend...David

Ionicus on 14-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
A powerful argument, David, though unlikely to change the mindset of the deluded population that Supratik mentions, I am afraid.
Very good writing, as always.

Best, Luigi

Author's Reply:
Hi Luigi, yes you are right - a poem on these pages is but a straw in the wind, but that need not mean we should stop trying. Much of your own writing is in same frame - critical and often very amusing. We enjoy doing it. Thank you and my best to you....David

Gothicman on 14-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
Like all critical writings protesting against and helping to publicize the madness, unfairness, or wrongdoings in this world, David, this superb rhyme poem does its job well in spreading further the important message you and I have been returning to again and again. You continue to highlight the manifest problems associated with religious fervour and the capitalist systems that profit by promoting it all. I paid even more attention to the root cause and suggested a meaningful cure, but, of course, even when pushing out the messages loud and clear, whether a piece of creative writing, well-written or otherwise, will have any effect on the population, or swing opinion, is not even usually debateable, and is this case is almost certainly a lost cause anyway, as the religiously afflicted, inherently incapable of being objective, are going to try to afflict others too from birth again with this archaic madness in the name of group belongingness! The final verse says this so eloquently. I especially liked your last poem, which you unfortunately took off before I could get back to comment on it. But this nominated and into favourites for me. Brilliant rhyme.

Author's Reply:
Hi Trevor, I do so appreciate your measured and logical responses. Yes we are together in highlighting the follies of religious mankind. Please do remind me of where you had put forward the root cause and above all, the suggested meaningful cure. I probably did I miss that in my increasingly numerous memory lapses. I would love to be with you on such a road too. My own thought on it in this country would be the banning of religious proselytising of children under 16 as a start, but although a poll suggested that more than 50% in the UK said they no longer believed in a god, I doubt whether we are quite ready for that yet. Immigrants will probably tip the balance against it. My best wishes...David

pommer on 14-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
A great well expressed poem,David.I particularly liked the third very apt verse,and the great ending.What a world we live in>best wishes David, Peter.

Author's Reply:
Dear Peter, my thanks for your kind comment. I was a bit concerned that the poem might upset you for I believe you are on the religious side. I know Christianity is among the least warlike religions, but in the UK proselytising to children is still rife. We really need to let them get to 16 and then make their choices as adults. My best wishes to you both...David

pdemitchell on 14-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
The last two lines tail off the poetic barrel-bomb. Ka-boom. Well writ. Paul

Author's Reply:
UKA accused of dropping barrel bombs on innocent poets - what a good headline. Thanks Paul

Mikeverdi on 15-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
I can only add my congratulations to the list, this is one of your very best David. Please don't delete this one.

Author's Reply:
Thanks Mike for that. Tell the truth I intended to delete the poem as not good enough, but forgot I had left it in submission. Big surprise when I saw it on Monday morning. Ah well, one is often a bad judge of one's own work. Keep wielding your bat my friend. I will now lay low for a bit.
Yours aye, David

sweetwater on 15-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
I too agree with all above comments, and think the last two lines are real stunners. Sue 🙂

Author's Reply:
Well Sue, my thanks for your words, I had intended that the second line of the last verse to be Paul's barrel bomb, but I am more than happy to settle for your opinion. Secular blessings..David

Supratik on 17-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
My friendly advice to you would be to not count the physical number... just keep on planting the seed, doing what you are most convinced about... I would never say god to you (I wouldn't dare you bet... but you're kind enough I know, at least with the likes of Meg), but there is some kind of intelligence David that'd take care of the numbers. Cheers! Supratik

Author's Reply:
Hi Supratik, Some among us need the feeling that there is an intelligence out there - so be it. As an atheist I feel that there is nothing but chance in the numbers game. Meg and I have been married for 66 years. She is Church of England and we rub along in happiness together. In a survey in England now there are more people who say they do not believe in a god than those who say they still believe - yet most will still want to go to church to be married! My best...David

Supratik on 24-03-2016
Not about you or me, of course
Dear David, I think I owe you an apology for sending vibrations of pride... this is a dangerous virus that's creating havoc in this world. The outburst of this pride, for me in trying to project myself as being spiritual, comes from an untrained mind, which is me in this context. There is absolutely no need in trying to impose my perception of looking at the world. Your view of looking at the world is perfect and so is mine... I, in my own humble way, am trying to look at a possibility of bringing everyone at the same table, liberals and radicals, theists and atheists so unitedly we could come to a consensus of doing away with wars, with weapons, and look at the blunder I have done. I am deeply sorry. Everyone, every human being needs to be just as they are as long as they concur to end wars. Yours, Supratik

Author's Reply: