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Originally published on November 27, 2015 in Poetry        

Some examples.

Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
tempting job or fatal post,
offered in a tide of malice;
who will gain the least or most?

President of bloodied France,
wonders what can happen next.
World sits fearful, eyes askance.
Gay Paris or Syrie text?

Mad, in charge of Istanbul
his aircraft lurk on border lines.
Who on who is pulling wool?
seconds error – death defines.

White House pussyfoots all day,
Republicans mix fools with folly;
‘Trump’ets blow and strumpets play,
all candidates now ‘off their trolley’.

Assad vies for pride of place,
a puppet’s role that has no say;
Kremlin trumping NATO’s ace,
Europe sits in disarray.

Prime Minister in fear of vote
seeks bombing role, crusader ‘lite’.
War on ISIS by remote?
No solution yet in sight.

The Chancellor has rolled his dice,
no easy options here to call.
Who to please, who sacrifice,
with votes in mind, not weal of all.

Minister for Northern I,
poor patellas nobbled oft;
peace is pie in murky sky,
harder line or play it soft?

David November 2015

© bozzz (Bozzz on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35869
Archived comments for Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
Mikeverdi on 27-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
Right on point as always David, it will take some brave steps to sort out the problems in this one. Too rich for my pen.

Author's Reply:
About brave steps, you are right Mike. Afraid there are not enough intelligent fools to sort out the mess. Thanks for being an early bird, your pen is still there - loaded ! Yours aye, David

ValDohren on 27-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
Well penned David, and goodness knows where it will all end.
Val xx

Author's Reply:
Thanks Val - good to see you writing in great form. We rhymers must stick together - the world is trying to write us out as history. All the events look like a recipe for disaster. My best ...David

Texasgreg on 27-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
Super good stuff, David!

Aye, my experience and take on history says there is no winnable war short of total annihilation and occupation to the point of genocide. Who wants or can afford that at the expense of ones own society or soul?

Yes, we're doomed to repeat societal errors over and over until it's corrected by an earth emptied of all mankind...

Greg 🙂

 photo Gunspincowboy.gif

Author's Reply:
Tend to agree with you Tex. Who will take over from us? Flies, pigeons, rats, amoeba perhaps then we can start all over again ! Yours aye...David

Gothicman on 27-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
David, good poetry like this awakens the deepest indignation and disgust when confronted now with a sick religious world that's totally lost its civilising direction, its democracy, and development of decent human values. The religious disease is prevalent! I don't like being followed by wise, rational opportunists so I've reduced my earlier answer, and will bow out for awhile. The compliment is that your poetry is always technical perfection so not commented so much on, the content, and its effect on the reader is however the most important aspect, and should be included as you raise all the relevant issues, are consequent in your reasoning and your own take on things, something I particularly admire you for.
Friend Trevor

The site has a uninspiring culture just now; travelling away; see you in the new year, David, seasonal greetings and keep up the good fight! Trevor

Author's Reply:
Thank you - I will sorely miss you Trevor, good friend. You are one of the few that gives thoughtful comments relating to content. I cannot but completely agree with what you say this time. I too do not trust Erdogan - a slimy political operator. Well, enjoy your motorised ski rides - keep warm and keep fit - out of harms way. Yours aye...David

franciman on 27-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
White House pussyfoots all day,
Republicans mix fools with folly;
‘Trump’ets blow and strumpets play,
all candidates now ‘off their trolley’.

The highlight of the many highlights in this poem, David. I won't discuss the varied moralities of your poetry, my interest is served by your excellent versifying. You have a keen, satyrical eye, my friend.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Jim - coming from you (in the depths of France?) - greatly appreciated. But your comments on moralities would have been much appreciated too and taken seriously, for I know you are not afraid to voice them as I do mine - all part of the game, though admittedly often we do not have time for these points. Mike seems to be coping well with the indignities involved in treatment - poor chap. Friend David

Ionicus on 28-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
It is, unquestionably, a mad, mad, mad world, David, as you so appositely point out in this acerbic satire.
Best, Luigi

Author's Reply:
Thanks Luigi - As Mike said a while back, if the right people read my stuff I would be behind bars by now - dangerous; precautionary imprisonment?

pommer on 28-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
As good as ever and to the point. What a mad world we live in.Well done David, Your friend Peter.

Author's Reply:
Hi friend Peter, thank you. As like me, you probably realise that keeping sharp does get harder as we trundle along through the eighties and nineties. You have the added task of caring for your wife whereas mine cares for me - in this society carers are pure gold - you have my warmest feelings. My best wishes, David

shadow on 29-11-2015
Tantalus or poisoned chalice?
Perhaps we should threaten to aim Trident at Daesh, that would put the wind up them - I mean, that's what we keep it for . . . isn't it?

Author's Reply:
Apols for delay. I am not sure that would work - they want to die and would all expect to be martyrs and besides, heaven would not cope with the number of virgins required. Thanks for calling ...David