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Originally published on October 16, 2015 in Poetry        

Dare we have such ultimate thoughts?

Some worry for the human race,
its pettifogging gods,
all with madding shibboleths,
all pray against the odds,
the faithful, blind, of unsound mind,
their world, a cageless zoo.

A kills B so C kills A,
a life for life exchanged.
What gain is that to either god
save fewer minds deranged?
Sad to say from day to day
it does not stop at two.

Free martyrdom, the mart of death,
by those who know not more.
Education, educated ‒
still not know the score.
Afraid to challenge preacher’s word,
or even throw a shoe?

Content to murder innocents,
how can they sleep at night,
beheading for a moment’s high,
intoxicant is blood.
What faith needs that for comforting,
what mind can find it true?

Yet war is war and millions die,
why worry over one?
They think their conflict justified
their battle just begun.
We see it as a stunt to shock,
a cruelty taboo.

Strange that when a suicide bomb
explodes, a hundred die,
we see it as an outrage but
in anger, not to cry.
Affront to our humanity
in either point of view.

David October 2015

© bozzz (Bozzz on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35625
Archived comments for The irritable mind syndrome
Supratik on 16-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
When wordsmiths like you unite to write on this topic, the world can change. This is what I believe in. However, David, take the 'they' out. There is no they in this scheme of things, of course, this is my opinion which you can rubbish.

There are two things in this so-called they that we are unable to challenge, their dedication and insanity. When the world would unite to demolish the school with dedication of insane love, the school will perish, and the students, released. Yours, Supratik

Author's Reply:
Thank you Supratik, I have at least put the 'them, argument side in verse 5. Not a big step but at least an attempt to show that, however misguided, it exists as a rationale.
Yours aye, David

stormwolf on 16-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
You have excelled yourself again David. The forceful thrust and pace of the poem in keeping with the anger of the subject matter.

The rhythm and rhyme perfectly executed. One of your very best IMHO.

One for the anthology.

Alison x

damn! I see from Mike's comment below that I was so engrossed in prommoting the poem I forgot to come back and nominate it! Ah well, never mind at least the deed is done. 😉 x

Author's Reply:
Alison, what kinder comment can there be - thank you so much. And yes, Mike had just awarded the Nom, but I must also thank you for promoting me and you too for the Nom - though I have never really understood the fine line difference. Your David

Mikeverdi on 16-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
Well written David, as always you bring the truth to all you write, should have been a journalist. I agree with Alison, one of your very best, please let me return the honour you gave me.

Author's Reply:
Mike, my thanks for taking the time to comment - and then, surprise, the Nom ! Of course I knew that your own entry would make it when I read it the night before - terrific. Yes maybe you are right, but journalism would have suited you as well as me. Yours aye, David

pommer on 17-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
Yea David, another one of your excellent descriptions.I Like the "Yet war is war and millions die,why worry over one?So very true.No one ever thinks.I despair so very often these days when opening the papers every morning.I so often wonder, is it me? Well composed as usual David.Congrats.

Author's Reply:
Peter, It is good when an Englishman of Italian and German extraction many years ago, and a man from Pomerania can think alike today. Thank you, David

Gothicman on 18-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
Brilliant, polished verse as per usual, David. The sheer truth of the content messaging shines through as such profound common sense, one wonders how young educated people can get so mentally twisted, it must be more than initial sick indoctrination, but also further extreme change towards primitive fundamentalism, the the result of a continual onslaught of insult and suffering to Middle East Arab Nations. Ruhollah Khomeini's return to Iran from Paris seems to have started the primitive religious fervour, with the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq doing the rest. Now it's a mini Armageddon with the risk of Russian or Israeli expansion in its wake. Imagine a world without religion, just a love and respect for Nature. Straight-talking common sense, one of your best, which is to say, normal!

Author's Reply:
Trevor - much enjoyed your mini analysis of mid-East issues - spot on as usual ! Oh when will Christianity and Islam wake up to the conclusions of the Great Templeton Experiment on prayer?
Many thanks for your powerful comment - it gives me strength to carry on a bit longer. Friend David.

Pronto on 19-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
A sad commentary for our times David. A well executed work of great skill. Deserved pen for sure.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Tony, a much appreciated comment, but as you say, the piece is a sad commentary.
Yours aye, David
Belated reply - apologies Tony - I forgot to thank you for considering the poem/author as a Hot one.
Yours aye, David

Supratik on 19-10-2015
The irritable mind syndrome
Hell yes, I got your point. Yours, Supratik

Author's Reply: