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Gothicman on 12-04-2016
This is Not my Empire
I must say Archie, this is a compelling and interesting read with lots of fascinating references and angles. A rich rant in imperative voice at fast pace, full of skilfully put together phrases and clever word use, in places quiet raw and harrowing. It's full of sad truths and negative prophesies due to the ever-existing class gaps, greed, privilege, primitive contentious religions, and all the conflicts and wars, and threats of destroying any hard-won advances towards becoming globally civilised, these cause. If fact the world appears to be going towards a globalisation of evil.
A bit too colloquial with word choice in places for some, but, it does add the necessary stress and urgency, and desperation of the theme the poem is communicating. Yes, for me, an epic write, and excellent, interesting read.

Author's Reply:
Thanks, Trevor. Glad you liked it. It has been rewritten many times.

stormwolf on 13-04-2016
This is Not my Empire
Bloody brilliant. Someone beat me to the nomination. I am taking a back seat as I said, due to my distaste at certain ways I see manifest now but THIS is what I call inspired writing.
You say what the rest of us may feel or not have the bottle to verbalise. I LOVE your passion and your 'no holds barred' bravery in speaking truth!!!
Yes, you will ruffle feathers...yes! you will go over boundaries of 'good taste'...but that is what trail blazers are called to do!
The world to come belongs to the bold. I am in awe of your ability and have been in fact, since I first read you under another name.
YOU do not need to boast! Your talent shines brightly for anyone who understands inspired writing when they read it.
Alison x
PS To me, your writing is well om a par with any protest writer we can think of, inclusing Bob Dylan.
Yes, there is a huge amount of anger in it....BUT WE AUGHT TO BE ANGRY AT WHAT IS HAPPENING NOT half dead or in a trance!!!

Author's Reply:
Wow, thankyou, Alison, for a lovely comment.

I just wish that writing actually changed things. It would be good if people actually read, or indeed published, opinionated poetry in the first place.

Archie x

ifyouplease on 13-04-2016
This is Not my Empire
well Islam serves a purpose just like any religion approved by TPTB. Chrislam is what they have in mind and is probably their goal. If a religion (such as let's say Jainism or Gnosticism) doesn't promote some geopolitical agenda then it's something to be eradicated (something to be stifled and never have many followers) because it may hinder it may be an obstacle. Islam or Chrislam is the favorite religion for the NWO. They intend to bridge their differences with the reappearance of the Antichrist "one day". When all three major abrahamic religions have their bloodthirsty messiah then all hell will break loose once again. If the planet becomes uninhabitable then mission accomplished if the planet is inhabitable they'll give it one more try. Working-class was never a problem. Easily manipulated with all the -isms around, booze drugs sexual liberation and smartphones now. who cares about people who want to feel free even if they are the worst slaves of all times. the working-class is the "marry and reproduce" sheeple with a big idea and even bigger expectation about themselves and zero philosophy. Ruined and manipulated to the core. I understand what you say and I agree this is a very strong piece. I hope one day you will decide to poetically beat the crap out of the working-class too for allowing Society to be ruled by sociopaths.


I use the term antichrist but it's not a religious connotation.

Author's Reply:
I wonder who this Antichrist will be. Surely he can't be far off now. Nostradamus gives him the name "Mabus", which could be pretty much anything. The implication there is that Mabus will come from the Middle East. Could he possibly be a follower of Chrislam? With so much disruption coming from Sunni Islam right now, with even other Muslim sects, in particular the Shiites, being persecuted and murdered as heretics and apostates, I find it hard to see how Chrislam would ever be embraced.

What could the working class do? Revolt and bring about Communism? Anarchism? Anarcho-Syndicalism?

Does anything really work?

ifyouplease on 14-04-2016
This is Not my Empire
when something is not supposed to be divided (in this case Muslims) then something divided it and that something can unite it again. the other two abrahamic religions is what divided the Muslims, in fact muslims have a problem with christians and jews because of this division perpetrated by people belonging in these two religions. the same people that divided christians and jews in the first place, divided the muslims too. they know how to unite everyone. but first thing's first.
it's a long story, longer than all three religions.

sure something really works individually first then collectively. do you really want to know? it's a life-changing knowledge if taken seriously.

there are many candidates for the antichrist's job. politician he will be. what else?

Author's Reply:

ifyouplease on 14-04-2016
This is Not my Empire
did you know that there was an icon like the orthodox icons of Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ in Mecca and that Mohamed allowed only this icon to be kept intact when he reformed their pagan religion? all other anathems were destroyed. the icon was destroyed much much later during a fire.
did you know that Jesus Christ is mentioned more times than Mohammed in the Quran?

everything is there for future use *winks*

Author's Reply:

Andrea on 23-04-2016
This is Not my Empire
Wow! What a rant, Mac...brilliant and spot on!

Author's Reply:
I haven't even started yet...