UKArchive ID: 32098The Dreaming Hours by Bradene
Originally published on January 10, 2014 in Poetry    

Hope springs eternal.

Months have passed, pen idle on the desk.
Muddled thinking an everyday menace,
the onset of old age perhaps…

Night time hours are filled with poetry.
Couplets run screaming through my head
and somewhere deep inside, I know
they are good.

If only I could recall the voices of the night,
present them to the waiting paper with pride.

It’s futile,
the dark genius hides from the
daytime dolt and awaits the dreaming hours,
another game of hide and seek.


© Bradene (bradene on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 32098
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Nomenklatura on 10-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Ahh... I think the dark genius has won out over the daytime dolt, here.
A Daytime Dunce

Author's Reply:
Thanks Ewan, your comments are always very welcome. Valx

ifyouplease on 10-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
very nice

Author's Reply:
Ah! Nic how nice to receive a comment from you, hope you are well. Valx

stormwolf on 10-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Hi Val
Lovely to see you writing again! I know exactly what you speak of here. What about a Dictaphone by your bed or even a pen and paper?
So many wonderful gifts from the subconscious melt away in daylight, like the cloths taken out of Tutankhamen's tomb.
Anyway, you managed to save some to write this little beauty 😉
Alison x

Author's Reply:
Thanks Alison, comments from you are always welcome Valx

Elfstone on 10-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Oh golly, can I relate to this!! you can't imagine the number of symphonies I've composed during the night, only for them to have dispersed into the ether in the morning! If I was to be really picky I would reset the last stanza, but the words are all there and all so true. Elfstone.

Author's Reply:
Hi Lillian, hope you have settled into your new home and a happy new year by the way. Thanks for your very welcome comments. Love Valx

Bozzz on 10-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Yes, a gem, but I too worry over the last line. For me, the last line will read better without the "and", which of course demands a comma at the end of the preceding line. Great piece...Bozzz

Author's Reply:
Thanks Bozzz, The 'and' should not have been there I had already decided it was superfluous. I'm happy that you liked the piece. Valx

Mikeverdi on 10-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Wonderful, you write about something we all understand so eloquently, I too think the \'and\' unnecessary. Such a small quibble over a splendid piece however... I loved it.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Mike glad you liked it, as I said I'd already decided the 'And' was not needed, I'm not a great lover of the word anyway, so I think I must have been day dreaming when I checked it before subbing, Thanks for your smashing comments. Valx

Ionicus on 11-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Nice to read your work again, Val.

Luigi x

Author's Reply:
Thanks Luigi hope you had a splendid Christmas. Have a Great New year. Valx

Nemo on 12-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Great writing: 'pen idle on the desk' - been knowing this for some months now. Regards, Nemo.

Author's Reply:
Thanks Nemo. All the very best to you. Valx

Leila on 12-01-2014
The Dreaming Hours
Well written as always Val...Leila x

Author's Reply:
Thanks Leila. Happy new year to you. love Valx