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Originally published on June 11, 2012 in Poetry    

Because I've not been up to parr for a couple of weeks I haven't written anything new, so I thought I would share this old one with you. The first part is the Myth, the second is my version. Just for fun.

The Original Myth

For a wager a giant named Bel set out to reach Leicester by three jumps of his horse. He mounted his sorrel at Mountsorrel. In his first leap he reached Wanlip, and in his second, Birstall, where he burst his all: his harness, his horse and himself. He made a third leap in a desperate attempt to reach his goal, but fell with his charger at Red Hill, a mile and a half short of Leicester. He was buried where he fell, and the place became known as Belgrave:
Mountsorrel he mounted at,
Rothley he rode by,
Wanlip he leaped o’er,
Birstall he burst his gall,
At Belgrave he was buried at.

My Version

Such a bonny babe was Bel,
his proud parents soon could tell
to be a sporty lad, he would do well.

Bel the bonny boy began to grow
to prize proportions,
don’t you know.
So it was, he set out to show
his mates and cronies how far to go.

Ambition leapt inside his heart
but, what to do?
Where to start?
Which of the sports should he take part?

He considered the great marathon
but fancied eating
would be much more fun.

The hop, skip and jump be done
to various take aways,
one by one.
He hopped to Wanlip
to buy a curry,
ate Chinese at Rothley in a hurry,
then fish n chips at Birstall,
all in a flurry
to buy a pizza in Leicester,
then home for cheese and bread
But at Red Hill poor Bel dropped dead
With belly full
he dropped like lead.
His gall had burst under the strain
So there at Red Hill did remain,
For none had the strength to carry and bury
Bonny Bel to the cemetery.
His greed and gluttony had made him a slave
So now, Red Hill, is known as Belgrave.
If you believe that you’ll believe owt!!

© Bradene (bradene on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27733
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franciman on 11-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
Well done Val.

Hope you rediscover your muse soon. I loved your historical pieces.

Jim x

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Andrea on 11-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
Hahaha - I much prefer your version 🙂 Great stuff, but come back muse, all is forgiven...

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Texasgreg on 12-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
Val, I thought that was super-duper!
Always loved myths as a young-un and read much on Greek mythology. Never heard this 'un, which I'm sure doesn't surprise you, but your take on it was really neat. I hope to take an American tall tale sometime and flatter you with imitation. It all sounds so fun to try now. Thanks for the inspiration.

Texasgreg 🙂

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RoyBateman on 12-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
Well, I was completely unaware of the original, despite spending some time in Leicester! Liked your take, though - much more believable, especially these days. Talking of monster chompers, though, Daniel Lambert has many connections with the city, doesn't he? I'm sure they used to have his chair at one of the museums...probably Newarke Houses. I've still got some way to go to get that far, but I'm doing my best... Good to read something from you again, Val - more, please!

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barenib on 12-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
Yes I prefer your version too Val, very amusing. John x

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stormwolf on 12-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
A real demonstration of your creative mind.
This you excell at.
Alison x

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Ionicus on 12-06-2012
The Myth of Belgrave in Leicester
A very humorous piece thoroughly enjoyable, Val.
As you never forget to ride a bike, you never forget your writing skills. New ideas will soon come to you.

Love, Luigi x

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