UKArchive ID: 27579For The High Jump by Bradene
Originally published on May 11, 2012 in Poetry

A lighthearted piece, a memory.

Singing and splashing
jumping up and down
in puddles.

“Rain, rain, go away
Come again another day”

Mud splattering, soaking wet
summer sandals,
soggy socks sagging
around skinny ankles.
Hair hanging in rats tails,
nose dripping dewdrops;
flowery frock clinging
to my four year old form
like a second skin.
Oblivious of everything.
until mum came out spitting fire…

Jumping ceased, singing stopped.
I knew soon I'd be jumping higher!


© Bradene (bradene on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27579
Archived comments for For The High Jump
Ionicus on 11-05-2012
For The High Jump
A nostalgic memory of childhood games, jumping into puddles unconcerned of the muddy mess but acutely aware of the forthcoming punishment.

Luigi x

Author's Reply:
Glad you liked my little memory of a naughty moment in Childhood Luigi. Valx

amman on 12-05-2012
For The High Jump
You take us right back to childhood in this lovely, economic piece. Likes it a lot.

Author's Reply:
Thanks for the comment and for reading. I really appreciate your support. valx

sunken on 12-05-2012
For The High Jump
Lovely. Proper lovely, Ms. Val. If ever a poem should have been nibbed it's this one. I'm getting my big heavy placards out as we speak. I don't even care if I get arrested. Enjoyed very much.


Author's Reply:
Ah bless! well I'm glad you enjoyed the poem Sunk. And thanks for Bernard again. Your comments are always much looked forward to. Valx

stormwolf on 12-05-2012
For The High Jump
Absolutely lovely and brought back memories of the times my childhood pleasures ended badly 🙁 x
Alison x

Author's Reply:
Thank you Alison It's odd isn't it how kids are drawn to water even if they are only muddy puddles! (-; Valx

Leila on 12-05-2012
For The High Jump
As ever Val you caught the moment perfectly...Leila

Author's Reply:
Thanks Leila and congratulations on all of your successes, you seem to be going from strength to strength. Carol Ann Duffy watch out! (-; Valx

Andrea on 13-05-2012
For The High Jump
Lovely, Val - may I add scraped knees and scabbed elbows to the picture? 🙂

Author's Reply:
Thanks Andrea, you may add all your scrapes and bruises too. The more the merrier. Valx

Capricorn on 13-05-2012
For The High Jump
This has brought back so many childhood memories, Val - I enjoyed every line. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Author's Reply:
Thank you Eira glad you could identify, but then I bet there are thousands that could. Happy you enjoyed the trip Valx