UKArchive ID: 27480The Worm by Bradene
Originally published on April 20, 2012 in Poetry

From Wednesday's challenge. The word was Change.

I turn my eyes inward,
I need to see
the worm of discontent
that’s eating me.
I feel frustrated
with anger gnawing.
I try for reason
but, contempt is scoring…

I need to understand
why I feel this way,
what’s making me hate
everything you say.
So, I turn my eyes inward,
there is nothing to see;
the worm is invisible
leastwise to me…

Or perhaps I am the worm,
now, that’s unforeseen!
A frightened drudge
who ought stay keen,
learn how to change
and take a big bite
at my tormentor,
and stop being polite.


© Bradene (bradene on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 27480
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orangedream on 20-04-2012
The Worm
Oh I like this one, Val, very much;-) I can somehow almost taste the venom with which it would seem to have been penned.

Even so...very much enjoyed;-)

Tina x

Author's Reply:
Thanks again for commenting Tina. I can't say I was feeling venomous when I wrote it, just tried to imagine what it must be like. Valx

Ionicus on 20-04-2012
The Worm
The worm that turns. Enough said.
It suits the challenge very well.

Luigi x

Author's Reply:
Thanks for commenting Luigi. Valx

sunken on 22-04-2012
The Worm
Hello Ms. Val. that's the trouble with being polite isn't it? People have a tendency to take advantage. Now and again you've got to bite. Show em you aren't a pushover. I've probably got the meaning all wrong, but that's what I got from your excellent piece. By the way, you can bite me anytime ya like. Just saying.


wary of midgets since 1996

Author's Reply: