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A lover's lament


A lover’s lament.

Your own, you say; what does it mean?
Kinships are little but hollow dreams;
Like ripples on the surface of the lake,
They seldom last beyond a few seconds.

The waves which yearn to hug the shore
Get thrown back without any mercy,
Can they ever claim “she belongs to me”?
-- And can she keep them all as her own?

The sky longs to embrace the pretty clouds,
But they just laugh and elope with the breeze –
Yet in just a few seconds, he too deserts them;
Now tell me, who belongs to whom?

The bumble bee flies in, sucks up the honey,
Then hums off, leaving the flower forlorn.
The wind keeps flitting between the trees,
Yet the forest is powerless to keep it in bondage.

The smile appears, then fades instantly
Can the lips claim any monopoly?
The heart burns, and the eyes shed tears,
But the drops can’t linger beyond a few seconds

Have I any power over you, my dear,
And what rights do you have over me?
Do I belong to you, sweetheart,
-- And did you ever belong to me?

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UKArchive ID: 35784
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sweetwater on 14-11-2015
I am so glad I read this, it's such a deep and well thought out piece, I love the line ' they just laugh and elope with the breeze' in fact I loved all of it especially the actual question it is asking. It's going straight into fav's .

Author's Reply:
Hello sweet, your comment is most heartening; even more so the rating and nomination. Many thanks.