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Originally published on October 2, 2015 in Poetry        

Dedicated to today's youth this week's Flash Challenge entry

Way back when
we rode across the bridge
North to East

a falling star
caught us out

looked like it fell into the harbour

we slammed on our hand-brakes
and almost flew over the handlebars

we stood, peering
into the murky water below
the surface shimmered

the star had fallen there
we agreed

It was glowing
there in the depths
we agreed

A ferry sailed by
and the surface broke
the wake sparkled and shone
like polished diamonds
in the miners' calloused and dirty hands

the spell dissipated
as the Water Rats
sped by below
in their noisy speed-boat
sirens flashing and wailing

We were dreaming of course
because everyone knows
don't fall into the harbour

We grabbed our bikes
and headed home
under the starlit nightsky

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UKArchive ID: 35546
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shadow on 03-10-2015
Falling Star
I like the idea of a star falling into the harbour - of course, if a meteorite had really landed all the water would have boiled - oh, never mind . . . lovely poem.

Author's Reply:
thank you for commenting shadow. Glad you liked it. 🙂


stormwolf on 03-10-2015
Falling Star
Hi Pia,
What an atmospheric poem. The imagery was lovely and it leaves a faint lingering feeling...not sure what? wonder, sadness? Almost like childhood days that can nver be re-captured.
I think everyone who reads it will read something different.

Congrats on the nib etc

Alison x

Author's Reply:
Hi Alison namaste- I wish it had the same meaning for all- I am not even sure what meaning it had for me! Maybe wonder, maybe sadness - love mostly I think. for all the creatures and beings on earth and Mother Nature and the wonders of the Universe that are served onto our plate and which we have such difficulty in recognizing these days. But I do believe we are getting there! Love first of all. <3
"Let go of the poison"