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Originally published on October 5, 2015 in Poetry    

another sleepless night...

One day without you
is just a waste of time,
an irrepairable outrageous loss,
a day of mourning
and a day robbed of your life
to be remembered with dishonour
as the worst investment of your time.
Frustrated, you can never be more angry,
since you never can have that one day repaired,
and you can never have it back.
How, then, shall we avoid such losses,
such catastrophes, calamities, fatalities
and fearful unforgivable unheard of drop-outs in the future?
We had better sleep together constantly
and never let each other out of sight,
or else we might get lost
on erring fateful paths of straying wilderness
to lose our basic touch, the only life we have,
which is our love, which needs togetherness.

© (Aurelio on OLD UKA)
UKArchive ID: 35562
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ifyouplease on 06-10-2015
captivating passionate poem, despite the fact i rarely like poems of this kind, i really liked this one, well done

Author's Reply:
Thank you!

e-griff on 06-10-2015
sorry to interrupt - we need to confirm your permission and bio for anth. pse see anthology forum for full details

Author's Reply:
Can't find that forum. You have my permission, though.

deadpoet on 06-10-2015
Mr Aurelio- Yes togetherness- very well expressed here- I fell for it hook line and sinker-

Author's Reply:

pommer on 07-10-2015
hi my friend, how well expressed,especially the last six lines.Yes, we only have one life together,and we should try to spend it to show our love to each other.Peter.

Author's Reply:
Thank you.