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We should eat meat because we have sharp teeth. (17-02-12) READ
FUCK UP. (09-01-12) READ
The Web of My Life Mapped Out by Social Networks (09-12-11) READ
Guess Whos Back (09-12-11) READ
T is for Toilet... (09-12-11) READ
Square Eyes (26-02-10) READ
For Glory or Death (26-02-10) READ
Die Fighting (07-01-08) READ
Mud (24-12-07) READ
Repairing My Mess (24-12-07) READ
See You Soon. (19-03-07) READ
Sick Note (19-03-07) READ
Never Kiss Goodbye (02-03-07) READ
A Boy Named ''Sue''. (12-01-07) READ
Lucid Dreams (17-11-06) READ
Happy Memory, A David and Goliath Story. (16-10-06) READ
Rise of the Innocent (29-09-06) READ
Trapped to Death (18-09-06) READ
Maureen (25-08-06) READ
Dawn (04-08-06) READ
Quid Pro Quo (04-08-06) READ
Killing Angels (07-07-06) READ
Parfume Enroute (03-07-06) READ
Coming of Age (09-06-06) READ
Twelve Hours till the End of the Shift (02-06-06) READ
Ignore the Homeless (02-06-06) READ
Eleven (26-05-06) READ
-Ist (26-05-06) READ
Aspirations of Modesty (15-05-06) READ
She, Me, Her and I (15-05-06) READ
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