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When the guns go silent (25-07-16) READ
Soul Mate (15-07-16) READ
The Politics of War (08-07-16) READ
Field Of Dreams (03-04-15) READ
Freedom Street (06-12-13) READ
War Artist (04-10-13) READ
A Fairy Tale According To Jeremy Kyle (09-09-13) READ
The House Of Many Faces (12-08-13) READ
The Unknown Sergeant WW1 (19-07-13) READ
A Flawed Prophet (21-06-13) READ
Thoughts of a Soldier (07-06-13) READ
The Thatcher Years (19-04-13) READ
Epitaph of the Dragon (01-04-13) READ
What Lies in Dreams (25-03-13) READ
The Bible according To Netto (08-03-13) READ
The Five Pillars of Poetry (25-02-13) READ
Kiss of Darkness (18-02-13) READ
Not For Them (11-02-13) READ
The Murder of Civilisation (28-01-13) READ
After the Battle (21-01-13) READ
Footsteps of the Tiger (11-01-13) READ
The Prodigal Son (24-12-12) READ
Mercy (14-12-12) READ
The Rose (03-12-12) READ
A soldier's Heart (26-11-12) READ
The Wind Will Never Forget (12-11-12) READ
Apocalypse for Sale (05-11-12) READ
Beings of Love (29-10-12) READ
Jack's War (22-10-12) READ
Oh what a Lovely War (08-10-12) READ
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