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Dark Gloomy Night (15-07-16) READ
Paradoxes (01-04-16) READ
Summer Solstice (17-08-15) READ
No Road Too Hard (07-08-15) READ
Trees the givers of life… (15-06-15) READ
Bullet through the Copybook (03-04-15) READ
Tall Beeches in Redhill (05-09-14) READ
Your Sin-My Misery, My Guilt, My Shame (01-09-14) READ
Ode to Keat's Idea of Poetical Mind (25-08-14) READ
Be With Me... (11-07-14) READ
I Am… Me (23-06-14) READ
The Caged Bird that Sang to Freedom (02-06-14) READ
Of Solitude and Melancholy (12-05-14) READ
On Death of a Young Friend… (09-05-14) READ
Life, Like the River Flows… (21-04-14) READ
Face-to-Face with Past and Future... (10-01-14) READ
Dreams of Dawn... (16-12-13) READ
Return of the Prodigal… (15-11-13) READ
First Monsoon Shower (29-07-13) READ
Summer Blooms (29-07-13) READ
Longing by the Mountain Stream (22-02-13) READ
Darkness Waits for the Errant Sun (11-02-13) READ
A Moment- An Eternity (11-02-13) READ
Crossing the River (08-02-13) READ
The Blue Moon (14-01-13) READ
Foreboding (14-01-13) READ
That Moment in Time (30-11-12) READ
The Golden Autumn (02-11-12) READ
An Island in the Sea (23-04-12) READ
The Silent Night (02-03-12) READ
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