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A Prayer To Oblivion (22-09-08) READ
We Never Talk (15-09-08) READ
The Sanctity Of Now (08-09-08) READ
diddley dum (01-09-08) READ
The Assassin Sonnets: A to Z (29-08-08) READ
Former Soviet Union Sonnet (25-01-08) READ
Russian Sonnet (21-01-08) READ
The Concrete Garden (05-11-07) READ
The Function of Rhyme (05-11-07) READ
The Green Rabbit (belatedly for the Prose Challenge) (29-10-07) READ
The Moonfox (belatedly for the Prose Challenge) (29-10-07) READ
'Patchwork' Variations (24-08-07) READ
The Human Zoo (17-08-07) READ
A Brief Geography Of Time (17-08-07) READ
Market Forces (06-08-07) READ
Sort of a Sonnet, Suggested by a Lost Sock (06-08-07) READ
Conceits Written About Rivers (03-08-07) READ
Ten Thousand Men (03-08-07) READ
Her Five Word Adage (27-07-07) READ
The Festival Of Fibulae (11-06-07) READ
No New York (11-06-07) READ
Dog Ends In Disneyland Paris (08-06-07) READ
Canvey Island (04-06-07) READ
Her True Face (04-06-07) READ
Feet Don't Dance Today (28-05-07) READ
Notes From A Project... (21-05-07) READ
A Dead Bouquet (21-05-07) READ
Unseen Clouds (18-05-07) READ
A Portrait of the Android as a Young Machine (18-05-07) READ
Seven Days In A North London Suburb (11-05-07) READ
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