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Man-Corn In the Promised Land #2 (25-06-12) READ
Lightning Ball Courting (22-06-12) READ
Man-Corn In the Promised Land #1 (18-06-12) READ
Should Have Been A Nightmare (15-06-12) READ
Potemkin Villages and Poetic Personae (30-04-12) READ
''So When Did You Stop...?'' (27-04-12) READ
The Bird Who Sings With Her Wings (23-04-12) READ
Nine Words Is All I Got (20-04-12) READ
The Feast (16-04-12) READ
Sex Zombies Must Die! Part 2 (16-04-12) READ
My Daughter's Dog (13-04-12) READ
Bad Little Boy Percy Meets Gustave (An Easter Miracle) (09-04-12) READ
Hiking Up Waterfall Trail During Wartime (09-04-12) READ
Mafia Landfill Part 3 (06-04-12) READ
OLD Age (06-04-12) READ
Eternal Universe? (02-04-12) READ
Extreme Fisherman (30-03-12) READ
The Ballade of Jasmine (26-03-12) READ
A Plague of Lions (23-03-12) READ
General Patton Addresses a Poetry Confrence (19-03-12) READ
Marilyn Monroe Triptych (16-03-12) READ
Future-Snake (12-03-12) READ
Thunder Over Aravaipa Canyon (09-03-12) READ
Mafia Landfill Part 2 (05-03-12) READ
The Face From the River (05-03-12) READ
pOlItIoN (02-03-12) READ
''So What World Am I Supposed To Live in?'' (27-02-12) READ
The Boone Cycle Part III: Boone's Lament (24-02-12) READ
The Boone Cycle Part II: Fathers and Daughters (20-02-12) READ
The Boone Cycle Part I: Boone's Surprise (17-02-12) READ
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