UKAnthology 2018 Contents

UKAnthology 2018 Contents


The Return of Mrs Brown by andrea. 9

The Amateur Response by bluepootle. 15

A Hole in the Wall of the Universe by e-griff 17

Visitors by e-griff 19

Alban and the Retributes by e-griff 25

Electric John by franciman. 30

The Illusionist by franciman. 32

Home and Hearth by franciman. 33

The Last Intermissionby Harry. 39

Trinity by Harry. 43

The Journey Continues (The Cancer Diary) by mikeverdi 50

Skulduggery by pronto. 55

The Journey by rab. 69

How we came to Wales by shadow.. 74

The Radiance of her Smile by shadow.. 77

The Summer of Dust sirat 81

Hot Water Fairies by sirat 95

Equal Billing by sirat 101

Drama Club TheGeeza. 105

Trapped.Weefatfella. 110

Master of the Second Plan Has a Beautiful Moustache by zenbuddhist 112

At Dawn Came Love by allets. 123

Cuthbert, the ol’ poacher by andrea. 124

Life (or Being a Beach Bum) by andrea. 125

Picnic by  Aramis. 127

Christmas Aunties by archiemac. 129

The Ballade of Armageddon by archiemac. 131

The German Language by archiemac. 133

Danger! by aurelio. 135

A Winter’s End by belcanto. 136

Water Signs by belcanto. 138

Insignificant by belcanto. 139

Not about you or me, of course by bozzz. 140

The irritable mind syndrome by bozzz. 142

From love through madness to the grave by bozzz. 144

Sing to Me by capricorn. 146

Alison’ by coolhermit 167

Steppin’ Out’ by coolhermit 172

St Ives, ten years after by dylan. 147

Luskentyre by Elfstone. 148

Sweet Choice by elfstone. 150

The Cockney Wife by franciman. 151

Tide Mark by  franciman. 152

Les Courses de la Fete by franciman. 153

By One’s Own Hand by gothicman. 155

Moonlight Sonata by gothicman. 157

A Doting Poetess by ifyouplease. 158

Tis Melancholy by ifyouplease. 159

Not Tonight, Josephine by ionicus. 160

After-Words by leila. 161

Play it Again Sam by mikeverdi 162

We All Dream Alone by mikeverdi 163

Pinochet and Foie Gras by nemo. 164

Would you just be looking at those flowers? by nemo. 165

Small Golem by mitch. 166

Remembrance by pommer

Dark Passion by pronto. 175

Pictures on a Pub Wall by pronto. 176

Man Be Not by ross. 177

Green, green gone by savvi 178

The Cherry Trees by savvi 180

Life Song shywolf 182

Crumpled by stormwolf 183

Scream if you want to go stormwolf 185

The Builder by stormwolf 187

Shuttered Skies by sweetwater 188

Yesterday’s Sorrows by sweetwater 189

Don’t Grieve Too Long by valdohren. 190

The Poetry of Valerie McKinley (Bradene) 191

A Garden To Die For 193

A Glimpse of Hell 194

A wonderful Greeting. 196

Blue Glass and Bingo. 198

Oops! 200