Disoccidented by Alfie Shoyger

“Disoccidented” is largely the autobiography of Alfie Shoyger written in many different poetic forms, almost a novel-in-verse, describing various aspects of his life but above all charting his political development as a simultaneous socialist and nationalist.



Shoyger is a white working-class man from East London born with ADHD-PI. From university onwards he finds himself surrounded by middle-class liberals. Such people seem to be the bane of his life. The book throbs all the way through with anger and resentment towards the bourgeois and politically correct. He has a deep love for Germany and the German language, and ends up in Berlin during the European Migrant Crisis. This is when he really starts to perceive the world in new ways, becoming fully nationalistic and anti-globalist. Along the way, he falls in love with a seriously mentally ill girl, travels through Nepal and India, snorts copious amounts of ketamine, joins a squatting community in Bristol and rescues a stuffed badger. The poems are best read in the order they appear in the book, to give a sense of progression. Most of them contain rhymes or half-rhymes and iambic or anapaestic meters. A vast array of international poetic forms, including many different kinds of sonnet, are used. Shoyger also invents several poetic forms of his own. Noticeable influences include various British, German and Russian Romantic poets, punk rock, 90s rap lyrics, George Orwell, Laurence Sterne, Salman Rushdie, James Joyce, 80s British comedy, Morrissey and David Icke. “From Kabul to Aleppo to Beijing they smell the napalm, the stench of panic fills the streets of Stockholm, oh, but stay calm and keep consuming while a summit full of lofty oligarchs feed you lies and lock you in the crosshairs of a firearm.” Language: English (mostly); also German, Scots, Nadsat and Newspeak.

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