UKA – A History!

UKA started in 2000 as – a different name but the same team. We became in 2001 and we continue to this day and beyond!

UKAuthors first registered: 19th September 2001






UKA as ‘Pageturners’ in 2000 – 2001. This is the only page left of the OLD-OLD-OLD UKA ( on Waybackmachine:



The first screenshot of OLD UKA in 2002



Here’s a nicely preserved example of OLD UKA taken in 2008 with some great memories of images and UKA members – some still going strong, others, gone but not forgotten.




Here’s another:


And another:


Here are OLD UKA’s Forums back in 2004:

 on WayBackMachine (although only the very first snapshot contain evidence of the presence of a writing site)




In 2016 we tried a name change to This was to be short-lived and we reverted to good ‘ol!

Not many examples of the very short life of WABD on the WayBackMachine:


UKAuthors on WayBackMachine