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The Web. Chapter 11

Sugar and water and Ju-ju men. (The last submission of this for a while.) ...

Mysterious Ways

A light-hearted tale of old Ireland ...

The Web. Chapter 8

John is forced to face the fact that there is more going on in his life than he can handle ...

The Web. Chapter 9

Idiot's guide to being a lab rat ...


Jacqueline In life, there is love and in love there is life. Jacqueline Claville had the perfect life. In love ...

Mandy’s Secret

What do you do when your partner betrays you beyond the point of forgiveness?  ...

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To Life!

    I spoke to Sol today, he wore a ‘not here’ grin, a battered fedora, flapping loose in the ...
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Rural Dreams

Six a.m. A pub in the countryside of my mind. More like a sitting-room. Metre-long bar, one pump. “I’ll have ...
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Humble wish

The tongue is in between The heart and the brain Let my speech draw The strength and balance from both, ...
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In words

I speak with words Yet the sense Precipitates in a land Beyond their world. I've never chosen Green for grief,  ...
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Making a move

When all the scientists Engage their ignited minds To develop a technology That channels to feed The thin mouths With ...
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Avec un éclat son parti

It was in the year of 2014. Around one of my registration days. We would sit upon the sofa, A ...
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Sleeping Giants

Walking in the rain Brief dreams of what might have been. Nothing hurried for now. The ocean is quite for ...
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Linha De Beliza

So pretty dressed in blue. Your age, your stature. You stand proud, determined, Statue like, far from a quiet  figurine ...
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When in Rome

I wanted to run to the heights. Guards at the very base, Abound my mind with images. Prophets stand in ...
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Pesky flies

They arrive abundant Swath upon swath Arrive with the aim to spoil  The seasonal marauders Dive bombing,  Consuming all they ...
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Halcyon days

Arriving with thought Tabula rasa... Through a child's eyes. We had so much filling our fresh minds Sponge like, ready ...
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