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Woof! Woof!

The Beagle had just arrived, 21 days. Puja’s friend Priya named him Snoopy who became very popular in the neighborhood ...

On Alexander Bard and Europride 2018

What follows is a piece of satire. Sensitive readers may be offended ...

The Other Side – Chapter 3 – Water Works

It's Izzy's first day at her father's house and she is mesmerised by the garden statue. All goes well until ...

The new orphanage

‘Tell me why you feel this way.’ ‘I wish I could tell you. They are so caring. I have two ...

The Other Side – Chapter 2 – Greetings!

Izzy goes to stay with her Dad and her step-family that she doesn't like, her step-mum Siobhan and especially her ...

Life skills

"What? Are you crazy? I will never allow my wife to work. Women should be best kept at home." Everybody ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

Horse Nectar

I chuck my feelings here and there like nectar snuck into a trough where horses come to pluck a pear ...
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The Accidental Tourist

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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I was taken hostage on the stereotype stage. There wasn't an exit couldn't quit, all doors, red had entry marked ...
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Hail Humanity!

Pseudo epic excerpt ...
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The Ravens Gather

The Ravens gather, Twilights endless hunters, night's children made flesh, These Messengers of death, In truth Wars only victors, Silently ...
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Cleaning memories on old windows

The aluminium ladder scrapes against the wall and feeling small I climb to my window. The face of a young ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

She loves me?

She loves me she loves me not? Daisy’s, plucked gently from the ground,  Pulling petals, one by one…  Their beauty ...
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Let the pen swing.

O pen of pens,Like the might of a sword, You convey the written word. Muted not a sound, Ink splashed,perfect, ...
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Leave your dreams for yesterday.

I was that fool,I broke my own rule. Sucked under your wing, you made an impression. In the dark you ...
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How deep is your love.

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Ticking Of The Clock

Bet all poets can relate to this ? ...
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