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We are sad to report that UKAuthors regular Weefatfella (Paul Hawthorne) sadly passed away last week.

In an email, his daughter says:

He so loved your site and uploading his lovely wee short stories there. I have taken great comfort in reading them over the last week and will continue to do so…

A huge thank you to everyone on your site who showed their support for his writing which he so loved.

We send our sympathy and thoughts to Paul’s family & friends at this sad time.

Here is Paul’s UKArchive


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At the moment, due to a bug in the UKA ‘publishing to schedule’ system, any submissions you post will be INSTANTLY published.  


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You see you have to understand that any rational concept of human love disappeared long before the first Virus War.  ...

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The first Virus War lasted two days in old time. A targeted war.  A targeted population.  Early adopters.  Death by ...

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On the edge of each city sit beacons.  One hundred per city.  One hundred metres high.  Landmarks.  Beacons are lit ...

Part 3

Every action has an equal opposite reaction. Smash a human face against a wall.  See how it reacts.  What we ...

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Ten pairs of boots. One pair escaping, nine chasing.  The chasers closer.  Closer.  Built in navigation, fly by wire muscles.  ...

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It was after the virus wars of the 2050s when the first mutations started. For a while they went unnoticed.  ...

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Nothing left to chance

Inspired by a news story ...
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I slept with a girl (revised version)

She was naked, slender, elegant. Standing before a mirror brushing her curly natural raven-black hair. She giggled across the bedroom ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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The Boot’s in the Other Groin

“Slap me and I’ll boot you in the minge,” I warned, and watched the moral know-it-alls all spit at me ...
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Girl from Nibiru

I had no idea you were a giant lizard who fell to earth in a fiery ship, I just thought ...
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A Jungle Excuse

2005 - 2019, a funny one ...
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Do You Want To Gather Life’s Fruit

We need to tend, We need to nurture. Mind the sod, Make it fertile. Plant our crop In life's soil ...
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I Saw Into a Child’s Eyes

One bright summer’s day Whilst taking a tram into town, I saw a child, a teen in a wheelchair;  He had ...
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Why Can’t We Live Like Swans

Swans grace the lake at Gouganbarra, Courting couples swimming together. They mirror each other, Always, in every way,  Paired together, that’s ...
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The Sun Draws It’s Curtain

The sun draws its own curtain  On this fresh day, It slips into its red hue suit,  Almost seemingly a ...
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Karma, the Tree Dweller

Sometimes you suffer for no fault of your own. Sometimes it's worth it ...
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