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At the moment, due to a bug in the UKA ‘publishing to schedule’ system, any submissions you post will be INSTANTLY published.  


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Fiction [ more >> ]

The new tomorrow

Chapter I                     Eira I have suddenly awoken, breathing heavily. My chest was rising back and forth wildly. I felt a painful sting with ...

The Gods of the Odds

The serial killer was undetected and unsuspected because he always carefully kept the odds on his side ...

It just dawned on me – I’m a person

Mann muss immer immer immer immer immer immer veruckt sein ...

Ursula Flynne’s Terrible Sin

This story is  taken from a compilation titled, Jacqueline & Other Stories ...

My love – My Sparkling Lamington

I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it……… ...

Roses For Ever

This story is one of many in a book that I have published online. The eBook is called Jacqueline and ...

Poetry [ more >> ]

The Amalgamation of Alice

Read Alice and Looking Glass a few years ago. Such fun!   ...
/ / 108 words / NEW! /

Cool Waters Running

. Secreted in open air, moisture may be corporally present. A sighting, growing  flowers in a corner, being very still ...
/ / 89 words / NEW! /

Nothing but a soppy song

finished ...
/ / 100 words / NEW! /

To Crossed Fingers

a repost, response poem to Littleditty ...
/ / No Comments on To Crossed Fingers / 92 words / NEW! /

Silence is as Painless as Suicide is Golden

It hurts and pains deep inside through the early morning fog to see visions of someone to be, when someone ...