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Ursula Flynne’s Terrible Sin

This story is  taken from a compilation titled, Jacqueline & Other Stories ...

My love – My Sparkling Lamington

I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it……… ...

Roses For Ever

This story is one of many in a book that I have published online. The eBook is called Jacqueline and ...


According to my archive, I submitted this in 2004. It seemed to be well liked then. Haven't done a lot ...

The Pastures of Jordan

The Pastures of Jordan There was a distinct feeling of neglect about the old farm house.  Cracked white weatherboards with ...

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To Life!

    I spoke to Sol today, he wore a ‘not here’ grin, a battered fedora, flapping loose in the ...
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Rural Dreams

Six a.m. A pub in the countryside of my mind. More like a sitting-room. Metre-long bar, one pump. “I’ll have ...
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Humble wish

The tongue is in between The heart and the brain Let my speech draw The strength and balance from both, ...
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In words

I speak with words Yet the sense Precipitates in a land Beyond their world. I've never chosen Green for grief,  ...
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Making a move

When all the scientists Engage their ignited minds To develop a technology That channels to feed The thin mouths With ...
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Never the twain

Never the twain. Nothing remains. Shifting sands. Passing clouds. Night and day. Constant movement. Busy lives, Never look back. Forsaking ...
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Fear written on his ageing face

My father stopped in haste Fear for a moment on his face. The man ran across the line He banged ...
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Life is so fickle,

Life is so fickle, You can breath and perish as quick. Life fleets by in a blink. We must savor ...
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If at first you don’t succeed

She sat there in her finest bonnet I was transfixed by her beauty Dressed like a widow I thought... I ...
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Never again to chide

The road ahead is narrow, The fastest way to uncertainty. Directionless we press ahead. It twists , it whines like ...
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My first school in uniform.

Ink well and quill charged. Chin up back straight. Don't slouch came the Load monotone voice. She there with her ...
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Avec un éclat son parti

It was in the year of 2014. Around one of my registration days. We would sit upon the sofa, A ...
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Sleeping Giants

Walking in the rain Brief dreams of what might have been. Nothing hurried for now. The ocean is quite for ...
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Linha De Beliza

So pretty dressed in blue. Your age, your stature. You stand proud, determined, Statue like, far from a quiet  figurine ...
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When in Rome

I wanted to run to the heights. Guards at the very base, Abound my mind with images. Prophets stand in ...
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