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allets At Dawn Came Love Part I[ in Poetry ]

Andrea Cuthbert, the ol’ poacher Poetry  READ

andrea Frogs (the human kind)poetry READ

andrea It’s a Dog’s Life poetry READ

andrea LIFE (OR BEING A BEACH BUM)[ in Poetry ]

Andrea The Return of Mrs Brown.poetry READ

Andrea UKELELE poetry READ

Aramis Picnic[ in Poetry ]

archiemac Christmas Aunties[ in Poetry ]

archiemac Eleven-Nine [ in Poetry ]

archiemac Isle of Wight, April 1989 [ in Poetry ]

archiemac Pint of Liberal Tears, Please, Barman[ in Poetry ]

archiemac The Ballade of Armageddon[ in Poetry ]

archiemac The German Language[ in Poetry ]

archiemac Uncle Eddie [ in Poetry ]

archiemac Youth, London  [ in Poetry ]

Aurelio Danger! Poetry  READ

belcanto A Winter’s End (poetry challenge)[ in Poetry ]

belcanto Crippled Bird  [ in Poetry ]

belcanto Girl, Early Post-War (poetry challenge)[ in Poetry ]

belcanto His Gift: A Doll’s Crib [ in Poetry ]

belcanto Insignificant (repost of an older poem)[ in Poetry ]

belcanto Lament Of The Ninety Nine Percent  [ in Poetry ]

belcanto Regret To Inform You: Eliza, March 1916 by [ in Poetry ]

belcanto Water Signs[ in Poetry ]

bluepootle The Amateur Response prose  READ

Bozz Not about you or me, of course Poetry  READ

Bozzz  From love through madness to the grave Poetry READ

Bozzz Tantalus or poisoned chalice? poetry READ

Bozzz The Forecasters? Poetry  READ

Bozzz The irritable mind syndrome poetry READ

Bozzz The pride of Dublin poetry  READ

Bozzz The Troglodytes of Westminst poetry READ

Bradene Cruel Tricks And Wrong Turns Poetry READ

Bradene Memories Of Raymond Froggatt Poetry  READ

capricorn Broken Dream  [ in Poetry ]

capricorn Egyptian Garden, Biddulph Grange [ in Poetry ]

capricorn Sing to Me[ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “A Dress Fit For An Angel”  [ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “Aleppo… Mon Amour” [ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “Alison” [ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “Dingle Bound Epiphany” [ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “Mission Hall”[ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “Sadie” [ in Non-Fiction ]

coolhermit “Steppin’ Out” [ in Poetry ]

coolhermit “The End of an Affair”  [ in Non-Fiction ]

coolhermit “Theo” by [ in Poetry ]

Coolhermit A Coming of Age in Oxford Poetry  READ

Coolhermit ”And So The Days of My Life’ poetry READ

Coolhermit In Calella Poetry  READ

Coolhermit Shirley Poetry  READ

Coolhermit Tea With Anushka Poetry READ

 Coolhermit Viewed From The Bridge”poetry READ

Coolhermit Y Viva Espana Poetry   READ

danploy New Prose challenge: [ in Fiction ]

deadpoet Falling Star poetry READ

dylan Alpha Omega poetry  READ

dylan St Ives, ten years after Poetry  READ

Dylan, almost Poetry  READ

e-griff A Hole in the Wall of the Universe by [ in Fiction ]

e-griff Alban and the Retributes. prose READ

e-griff Clothes Sense  [ in Fiction ]

e-griff Noon  [ in Fiction ]

e-griff Visitors prose  READ

Elfstone And so… Poetry | ID:35756  ) READ

Elfstone Hope [ in Poetry ]

Elfstone Luskentyre (for the poetry challenge)[ in Poetry ]

Elfstone Once seen … [ in Poetry ]

Elfstone Smile [ in Poetry ]

Elfstone Sweet Choice Poetry  READ

franciman A Tragedy Poetry READ

franciman At the Close poetry  READ

franciman Blood Price poetry READ

franciman Day-tripping The Trenches[ in Poetry ]

franciman Electric John prose READ

franciman Et In Arcadia Ego prose READ

franciman Fallen Angel[ in Poetry ]

franciman Fog  [ in Fiction ]

franciman Hard Times[ in Poetry ]

franciman Home and Hearth prose READ

franciman Irish Coffee [ in Fiction ]

franciman Jimmy the Rhymer prose READ

franciman Les Courses de la Fete – for the Poetry Challenge[ in Poetry ]

franciman Old Men poetry READ

franciman Old School Ties Poetry  READ

franciman Scotland 2013 Poetry READ

franciman Shipmates[ in Fiction ]

franciman Summoning the Furies [ in Poetry ]

franciman TFI Friday  READ

franciman The Canyons of the Moon poetry ) READ

franciman The Cockney Wife[ in Poetry ]

franciman The Illusionist[ in Fiction ]

franciman The Judas Kiss [ in Fiction ]

franciman The Sword of Damocles  [ in Fiction ]

franciman The Ten Angels[ in Poetry ]

franciman Tide Mark [ in Poetry ]

franciman Under the Radar prose READ

gerry The Clock.[ in Fiction ]

gothicman A Black Triangular Drama[ in Fiction ]

gothicman And God Smiled Back [ in Poetry ]

Gothicman Beautiful Secret poetry  READ

gothicman Black Dogs Guard The Gods  [ in Poetry ]

gothicman By One’s Own Hand  [ in Poetry ]

Gothicman By One’s Own Hand poetry  READ

gothicman Crossing Over  [ in Poetry ]

 Gothicman Garbage Disposal poetry READ

gothicman Last Will And Testament [ in Poetry ]

gothicman Moonlight Sonata  [ in Poetry ]

gothicman On The Soft Landscape Of Childhood  [ in Poetry ]

gothicman Reluctant Motherhood  [ in Poetry ]

gothicman Requiem For Two[ in Poetry ]

gothicman Spirituality[ in Poetry ]

Gothicman The Limes at Dulwich poetry READ

Gothicman The Marked Man poetry ) READ

gothicman The Midnight Rain[ in Poetry ]

gothicman The War-Born Child[ in Poetry ]

gothicman Woodland idyll by a lake  [ in Poetry ]

grace.b Finding Beauty  [ in Non-Fiction ]

grace.b Her  [ in Non-Fiction ]

grace.b Ink  [ in Non-Fiction ]

guaj The Man in the Chequered Ski Jacket  [ in Fiction ]

guaj Toby’s Last Halloween Party  [ in Fiction ]

gwirionedd Dalriada Poetry  READ

gwirionedd Grenwegian Blues  READ

 gwirionedd Rache poetry  READ

gwirionedd The Eviction of Yasser Aziz  READ

gwirionedd This is Not my Empire Poetry  READ

Harry  The Last Intermission prose READ

harry Aggie’s Ghost  [ in Non-Fiction ]

harry Ignorant Armies  [ in Non-Fiction ]

Harry Kissing Cousins prose READ

Harry Lily’s Last Hurrah  prose READ

harry Metaphor  [ in Non-Fiction ]

Harry The Agony and the Ecstasy prose READ

Harry The Day of the Strawberry prose  READ

harry Trinity [ in Non-Fiction ]

ifyouplease A Doting Poetess READ

ifyouplease Dad [ in Poetry ]

ifyouplease The monk[ in Non-Fiction ]

ifyouplease The Rounds Poetry READ

ifyouplease Tis Melancholy[ in Poetry ]

ifyouplease Vigilance [ in Poetry ]

Ionicus An Awkward Situation poetry  READ

ionicus Grand Opening  [ in Poetry ]

Ionicus Mirror, Mirror… poetry  READ

ionicus Not Tonight, Josephine[ in Poetry ]

ionicus Reunion  [ in Fiction ]

ionicus Seduction in Suburbiay [ in Fiction ]

ionicus Villeggiatura[ in Poetry ]

jay12 Natura Naturans, 6[ in Fiction ]

jezz2544The Goa Connection – Chapter 4[ in Fiction ]

jezz2544The Goa Connection – Chapter 5 [ in Fiction ]

kats What Astronauts Do in Their Spare Time [ in Fiction ]

leila After-Words[ in Poetry ]

Martins Tomisin A LETTER FROM A PRISONER [ in Poetry ]

Mikeverdi And Then It Rained Poetry  READ

Mikeverdi Another place in time Poetry READ

mikeverdi My Cancer Journey Continues[ in Journal ]

Mikeverdi Play it Again Sam poetry READ

mikeverdi Six Weeks[ in Fiction ]

Mikeverdi The Cancer Diary. prose READ

Mikeverdi The Death of a Thousand Cuts  READ

mikeverdi The Journey Continues (the cancer diary) [ in Journal ]

Mikeverdi We All Dream Alone poetry READ

mitch Old Billy Fly[ in Non-Fiction ]

mitch Step Into The Light [ in Poetry ]

Nemo Sea Breezes and Passers-by poetry) READ

Nemo  Reading ‘Ballade des Pendus’ poetry READ

Nemo  Would you just be looking at those flowers?Poetry  READ

Nemo A Family Man Poetry READ

Nemo After Seeing Thomas Hood’s Poem on the Underground Poetry  READ

nemo Asylum[ in Poetry ]

Nemo Bombsite poetry  READ

Nemo December Promenade poetry READ

nemo Draft White Paper  [ in Fiction ]

nemo Goldfish  [ in Poetry ]

nemo Home for Christmas[ in Poetry ]

nemo In Queen Square, London  [ in Poetry ]

nemo Not for Discussion[ in Poetry ]

nemo Parkland Tryst [ in Poetry ]

nemo Pinochet and Foie Gras[ in Poetry ]

nemo Playtime from the Classroom Window [ in Poetry ]

nemo Reading Thomas Hood’s poem on the Underground [ in Poetry ]

nemo The Bubble[ in Poetry ]

Nemo The Queue poetry READ

nemo Trucker  [ in Poetry ]

Nemo What Remains poetry READ

neotom At the Start of the Day[ in Fiction ]

neotom You Are Already Dead! [ in Fiction ]

Nomenklatura One More Cup of Coffee Before You Go poetry  READ

odd1 A long ong way from New York poetry READ

otreasaigh After 65 Decembers[ in Poetry ]

otreasaigh Don’t Call On Me [ in Poetry ]

otreasaigh Posing For The Bulgarian [ in Fiction ]

otreasaigh She’s Scottish![ in Fiction ]

pamela Buckskin and Bear Fat  [ in Non-Fiction ]

paulloz The Town  [ in Fiction ]

pdemitchell Alice in Red Stiletto Heels. Poetry READ

pdemitchell Kong Sam’s Beautiful Shoes Poetry READ

pdemitchell P Trickle Down Economics poetry READ

pdemitchell Small Golem Poetry READ

pixie The Minefield [ in Non-Fiction ]

pixie The Musician[ in Fiction ]

Poetry | ID:35805 
franciman  In the Kidron Valley poetry 

Poetry | ID:35810 
gwirionedd The Stokes Croft Riot poetry

Pronto Dark Passion Poetry  READ

pronto Final Farewell  [ in Non-Fiction ]

pronto In Denial[ in Poetry ]

Pronto Invictus prose READ

Pronto Obsession poetry  READ

Pronto Pictures on a Pub Wall poetry READ

pronto Skulduggery [ in Fiction ]

pronto The Resident Poet [ in Fiction ]

Rab The Journey prose  READ

Rosco Man Be Not Poetry  READ

ross Wailing For Her Demon Lover  [ in Poetry ]

royrodel my sunday bests were ruined [ in Non-Fiction ]

savvi Breathing ( poetry challenge – essential )[ in Poetry ]

Savvi Field mice in my pocket Poetry READ

savvi Field mice in my pocket[ in Poetry ]

savvi Green, green gone[ in Poetry ]

savvi Holding hands[ in Poetry ]

Savvi Innocence returning Poetry  READ

Savvi No Excuses Poetry READ

Savvi On a cold and frosty morning poetry READ

Savvi The Cherry Trees Poetry  READ

Savvi The Plastic Bag Poetry  READ

savvi Underground Re-mix[ in Poetry ]

shadow How we came to Wales prose READ

shadow The herb of kindness poetry  READ

shadow The Last Trump[ in Fiction ]

shadow The Radiance of her Smile prose READ

shywolf A Christmas Wish (amended)[ in Poetry ]

shywolf Life Song [ in Poetry ]

shywolf To Name Or Be Named[ in Fiction ]

sirat Civil Defence[ in Fiction ]

sirat Equal Billing prose  READ

sirat Fortune’s Fool[ in Fiction ]

sirat Hot Water Fairies[ in Fiction ]

sirat Promises [ in Fiction ]

sirat The Perfect Woman  [ in Non-Fiction ]

sirat The Royal Road [ in Fiction ]

sirat The Summer of Dust [ in Fiction ]

sirat Tryst [ in Fiction ]

slovitt A Message In A Bottle [ in Poetry ]

slovitt FOR S., 8 POEMS– 3 & 4  [ in Poetry ]

slovitt Why I Live Alone [ in Poetry ]

soman  WHAT IS YOUR OWN?poetry READ

stevef Twas the Night Before Christmas 2016[ in Poetry ]

stormwolf A Bitter Wind [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Battle [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Broken Webs) Poetry READ

stormwolf Crumpled [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Promise poetry  READ

stormwolf Resilience[ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Scream if you want to go faster.  [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Sea Creatures [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Synergie[ in Poetry ]

stormwolf The Builder poetry READ

stormwolf The Great Division [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf The Unleashing poetry) READ

stormwolf The Wraith  [ in Poetry ]

stormwolf Yule Moon Rising[ in Poetry ]

Supratik Colourful friends Poetry  READ

supratik I want to live in a world [ in Poetry ]

supratik Stealing time[ in Poetry ]

supratik The cry  [ in Non-Fiction ]

sweetwater Cruelly Judged. [ in Poetry ]

sweetwater Lost Land Poetry  READ

sweetwater Lost Voice.[ in Poetry ]

sweetwater Other Paths. [ in Poetry ]

sweetwater Shuttered Skies.[ in Poetry ]

sweetwater Silent Shore.[ in Poetry ]

sweetwater Yesterday’s Sorrows poetry READ

 swissterrace One Season poetry READ

TheGeeza Drama Club  [ in Fiction ]

valdohren Don’t Grieve Too Long  [ in Poetry ]

ValDohren Letting Go …..poetry  READ

valdohren Letting Go  [ in Poetry ]

weefatfella Trapped  [ in Non-Fiction]