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Without Wings – Chapter 2 – WIP

 wrote this as the first part, but realised there is more to come before it, so apologies. This is the second part. There is some strong language. Problems with a teenage daughter begin to escalate ...
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I wouldn't count on any sympathy from a crab ...
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Read into it what you will ...
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The Time Capsule

Hello Aliens, welcome toEarth ...
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Passages to Bhitarkanika & Sunderbans

My Passages to dreadful Bhitarkanika & Jharkhali Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Chapter 32: Such Calm Before

Chapter 32 of  City of Gargoyles: Second Book of the Light-Father Trilogy As night falls across Milverburg, lights blaze from tower windows for the first time in six years as the defenders drift through an evening of fear and uncertainty. At the Great Abbey, a new horror unfolds... Such Calm Before     Nightshade was observing the Brothers occupying the Cwiclasc causeway through her binoculars. She was concerned to see Tally-men with them given the ...
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Chapter 31: Nick of Time

Chapter 31 of City of Gargoyles: Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy The Five Angels race to Fitzgeran Island on the River Elver to rescue Ondine and her Sisters but the Erdethric Hybrids and their wolves may well beat them to it.... Nick of Time       Thanewell had never seen a Wiccan before but Mother Ivy, with her Persian heritage and long brown hair set in pearls, was the most exotic and intriguing woman he’d ...
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The Oneness

A parable ...
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Mama Said I Cain’t Have No Company.

  We learned Ebonics early. It came with milk and cookies, came like a sweet roll melting in the mouth lasting a lifetime and never forgotten. . It was a part of the funeral,  like flowers. A part of eternity in a wooden box. Learning to speak was hard enough. Learning to speak another way made the sense of confinement touchable as a crib's ribs. . Speaking in tongues was the way to speak without ...
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Though maybe not the beginning this is the tale that begat the others in this cycle ...
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A Pied Piper of Our Time

He who pays the piper ...
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The Holy Sisters of Perpetual Punishment

This was the fate of a friend of mine. Spare me, Lord, from your holy servants ...
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clothes bank blues

clothes bank blues   early morning at the clothes bank, filling the scoop, wondering what will become of my too-tight Levi 501s - black   and stretch-waist Terylene ‘sta-prest’ office slacks - grey.   will a sub-Saharan African? cut a dash in them? or some local street vagrant?   will they be pulped to newsprint? sold on ebay? beats me.   Bermuda shorts – money wasted,   (I just don’t have the legs) tumble in ...
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