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Oh times

Who is the liar Who says time Waits for none? For it doesn't leave, It stays with me All the time ...
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Chapter 35: Checkmate

Last Chapter in the City of Gargoyles. Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy The battle of Uppermost has been won but the battle of Muspelheim begins and their survival depends on the the bravery of one small child hiding in a barricade...  Checkmate        Ten Bells came and went punctuated by sporadic exchanges of fire, plasma-grenades and pipe bombs. The plasma grenades were thrown at the barricade but they bounced back down the stairs and ...
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The Fisherman

Updated version ...
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The Other Side – Chapter 10 – Neh wenako Cont

Izzy struggles to believe in what is real and what is imagined ...
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You must be a winner? To be in the good books Of self-help? What about the authors Who're writing their stories On life's page? Surviving with resilience Despite odds, hard work? Slogging for their families Yet not making it right? Would you never let them write? They’re caged in credit cards, EMIs Shelved forever as losers? They fall every moment, never succumb Only winners would you welcome? You neglect them in silence Though in the ...
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Chapter 34: Endgames

The penultimate chapter of City of Gargoyles. Book 2 of the Light-Father trilogy A microcosm of the battles raging across all Creation, bloodshed comes to Milverburg as the Light-Father and his allies begin to fight for their lives against Schimrian and his Order on both physical and metaphysical battle-fields as all the defenders meet their nemeses as pawns in a much larger celestial struggle.  ...
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  I was set to sail, On a paper boat. Others had battleships, I wasn't focused to win, Just barged in Without contemplating The winds. When the waters Touched my tool, I couldn't keep afloat Appeared like a fool Went round and round Until I had to drown. Deep inside I settled for a while; The spirit in me Swam like a submarine. Although out of sight I reached the other side. I saw everyone ...
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Farewell to the mountains

The purity and inspiration of the greatness of your beauty clad in ice of coldest whiteness almost outshining the sky in brightness fills me with dismay at our divorce, as I must down again to baseness from the hills, to the mundane vulgarity of the stress-stricken common crowd, who never climbed the icicles of beauty, beyond reach for any common realism, the inscrutability of beauty being always out of reach except for those who keep ...
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I looked up

This is a final drafting....for now 🙂 ...
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Mercury and Apollo

Apollo: - O brother, how I envy you your swiftness and your grace in flying, your intelligence and smooth agility, by cleverness surpassing everyone and fooling every mind except your own. Mercury: - It’s not my fault. I was just born that way and am a slave in that capacity, since I always have to work so hard, just hurrying everywhere with urgent messages of bad news from the gods to hopeless mortals. Your vocation ...
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Burning Hands

Inspirational Poem_EnglishIntro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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The Other Side – Chapter 10 – Neh wenako

A summer storm begins and Izzy feels ill and confused. Is it heatstroke or something else?  This is only part of Chapter 10 and where I have got so far, but there will be a continuation of this ...
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Chapter 33: Gambits

Chapter 33 of the City of Gargoyles. Book 2 in the Light-Father Trilogy. A new day dawns over Milverburg but the Order attacks earlier than expected. The merchant docks are blockaded and as Harold rallies everyone to defend Niflheim, the lowest level of the city, the Order Angels attack Uppermost and the battle begins... Gambits       Harold was working in the maintenance bay at the university watching dumbfounded as a plug and flex attached to ...
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broken home

playing  around with free verse. early drafting ...
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