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Tiny Links In The Chain.

Just thinking about the tiniest lives that live mostly unseen, but without them nature's structure would crumble ...
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Hot Water Fairies

This came about through my work with the Creative Writing Group at The Epicentre Community Centre in Leytonstone. The topic we set ourselves was 'Kitchen Sink Drama' ...
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Beast of burden

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On Sunday noon When the sun sprouted Gleefully bold behind The curtain maze Four men-in-black With a darkish pistol Pressed forward Towards my domicile And on each head, Sat a peaked cap that Harmonized with their garb. And their brogans beating Bleak on the gritty ground I, Was at my domicile In the frontispiece Wearing a piece Of grimace on my phiz When they popped up Like a twiggy panhandler In Agbado-Market, Pleading for dough ...
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Divertimento: a light and entertaining composition,  typically one in the form of a suite for chamber orchestra.  The term is used particularly in the second half of the 18th century ...
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MY SUN (dream)

Flicker! Flicker!! Flicker!!! Flicker in soft sweet splendour Like light that pours its sparkle; Drift in the grooves of Sun-smile And rouse in the heart of light. Bit by bit, Into that sunny, dreamy night ...
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All that matters…

All that matters is the disposition of your love, the barometer of your life, the only perfect sign of health, the only true manifestation of your soul, that should be always open, high and ready to embrace new loves and friendships and new chapters of your life to keep you constantly developing, expanding and renewing as a soul forever on the search of more increasing overwhelming love ...
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A harrowing tale of child abuse (Not a pretty poem) ...
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The Himalayas

On visiting the Nanda Devi... Divinity incarnate, isn't it? This sumptuous splendour of pure beauty in the highest whiteness reaching for the sky forbidding man to enter at the peril of his life, excluding foulness, baseness, weakness, ugliness, mortality, mundanity to just shine on forever untouched by the cataclysms and earthquakes of humanity and their chaotic history, remaining silently in constant splendour and surviving even aeons of geology for us to quake before and quietly ...
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I My five-five-fingers of my hands Zestfully lived In serenity. The three thrill fingers of my right hand: Thumb, index finger and middle finger Stoutly lived civilly and gleefully Amongst her BROTHERS: They rested gleefully upon the placid, SHARP-SABLE-POINTED-DART. II Sharp sable pointed-dart; Perched in the midst of the three thrill fingers And laid rest upon the hungry, Virgin DUSKY-SHEET, which sprawled Bear flat on the glossy desk. The glossy desk accompanying the earth The ...
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A Good Rogering

A daft ditty told with an irritation of alliteration ...
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When you fall in love…

When you fall in love you don't know what to say. You just stand there like a stupid lonely sheep and can't do anything except get lost in dreams of wonders vain and vanishing as fleeting as a cloud with nothing to hold on to afterwards except the loss of a disintegrated dream that gave a fragrance of eternity to just remind you that it's always there ...
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Hard Times

Seemed more fitting for advent than Christmas.  Though only to avoid disturbance ...
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The Lady in Pink

Remembering Barbara Cartland ...
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Is this a cleryhew? ...
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Eternal love

I dream of you, my love, and can't stop doing so since you are always there in front of me forever in this moment that will never cease of love without an end and boundless without limits, all because of your so sudden revelation that you always will appear to me whenever I will least expect it. That's how love works: always there, surprising, lurking, waiting to assail you to renew your love and keep ...
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