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I Will Never Overshadow You

A little myth and miss.... I will Never Overshadow You We lay beneath a tall and ragged ash our dark Yggdrasil, bearing heaven with its frayed and fractal fingers and serene above its tattered crown, Selene – its branches are my father's limbs, you said sturdy, stern and strong enough to bear aloft the corpse of Nut his disapproving eye the Moon - You took my night-sky-chilled hands and kissed each Moon-struck finger you are ...
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Love’s Demise

A Poem ...
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From my Spring book ...
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Mrs. Pepper’s Cats

A tale of two cats based upon true stories ...
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You’re No Digital Godiva

Inspired by Wrecking Ball - worst song and shameless video ever! YOU'RE NO DIGITAL GODIVA, GIRL ============================ Does she need to be naked in this video? Does she need to be naked in this video? Does she need to be naked in this video? Does she need to be naked in this video? They say a candle burns The brightest before the dawn Like when they filmed you dancing Naked on your lawn The world ...
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Overheard at the Tate

Four paintings of a clown ...
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Chapter 03: The Naked One

Chapter 03 of the City of Gargoyles - Second Book in the Light-Father Trilogy Chapter 03: The Naked One       “Shhh! Children, be quiet!” Abbot Michael said, peering through the door of the ruined farmhouse. “Tally-men have sharp ears and I should know: I augmented their hearing.”     “Everyone is exhausted,” Surl protested wearily at his side. “We have run non-stop for three days with little food or water.”     “Yet we must run ...
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No Buses Today

Winter finally arrived in the UK this week, and we had lots of the white stuff. Which inspired me to write this ...
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Newly Decorated Rooms

Just another Christmas tale ...
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English The days of good English has went It trotted around the globe to make a dent Its not it's fault, that it lost it's grace Even with the natives, its all over the place... Nomination A group of cliques, clicking their own Selling sadness, sickness, poverty, pity out of proportions blown Choosing the bandwagon without gumption Then blaming the world of corruption(.) Donations If I donate a penny, it has to be known I ...
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Once upon a time

Written in good humour for those who are very compassionate towards writers of non-English origin ...
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The Tatter Man

A sinister rag and bone man who used to prey onthe elderly in the early 80s ...
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Chapter 02: Scatterlings

The second chapter of The City of Gargoyles - second book of the Light-Father trilogy Chapter 02: Scatterlings ====================     The Tower of the Sun, once the home of a powerful merchant dynasty, rose above Uppermost as did fourteen others and all of them as tall as the Tower of Grieving. Uppermost was a town built upon the highest level of Milverburg and looking down from the towers, guests of these wealthy families could not ...
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The space

With a rainbow ink in my pen I touch the horizon, with a brush in it I paint a picture of possibilities, crossing the limits that lied with the mind a glasshouse condemned to think within the boundaries of repainted canvasses overwritten pages. With a rainbow ink I become a visitor of the encompassing surface and then a writer a painter of the murky border flooded with stories of douleur, unspeakable pain but it’s only ...
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For Human Rights Day 10 December LOCKED WARD Is this fear ? Am I unreasonable ? I stand in tears behind a pane of glass that I could break with one hand; but the doors are locked and the windows too, and fear and tears distort my view. Why don't I break It ? Who would be hurt and why? Yet I came here myself ! How, then, must feel a man who cannot sleep ...
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when intelligence started worrying about smartness ...
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poem ...
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Sophie loved these summer days, when the sun was warm in the morning. It seemed to drink up the dew from the grass on the small hill behind where she lived. She imagined the sun slurpling up the dew just like she would use a straw to get the last of the strawberry shakes her mother made when Molly came around to play. The girls would run up the hill through the long grass, waking ...
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