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Candle Wax and Woodsmoke

An autobiographical tale ...
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My lips, drunk when it touches yours, with words of incessant praise my hands, drowned in the oceans and mountains mellow with touching organs jaw-dropping moments immeasurable bliss treasures teem in travelling tongues ​​​​​​​writing many stories of love stealing time, from time I have become so big my body consumes the stars in your eyes by leaps and bounds I behold millions of sparks. Only my kisses can conceive the boon what a glorious child ...
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European New Year Greetings.

Some years ago I submitted Christmas wishes in various languages.I thought I would do the same for the New Year this time.I must apologize for the possible incorrect use of capital letters I tried my best ...
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For some beginning of a year awesome full of hope, happiness, cheer for few it’s nothing new resolutions lost in framing images promises, words. Innocuous years come and go writing travelogues in time trapped fast, slow through traveled tracks of titter and tears ...
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Rocket Man

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Home for Christmas

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To Caitlyn

Not her real name and she wil never see this - it might go into "Priceless"  : ...
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Our Anniversary.

Christmas Eve would have been our 69th wedding anniversary.I wrote a poem on each anniversary for my wife.This time it is different,as she is no longer with me ...
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The FABricated Four (Part Duh)

Bulldog gets his superpower ...
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Me Christmas dinner ...
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Neon Pretty

Poem-song from the first album - all about those certain nights out    NEON PRETTY I should not be here, walking late in these neon-pretty twilight zones I can find no pulse inside me t’shake my ghost soul bones the pentagram still binds us to our spritual needs I do penance for my conscience for my unspeakable, unconscionable deeds. I side-step the nitty-gritty (and) the Faustian flagstone gaps I OCD this fly-blown city (and) these ...
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Room at the Inn

For the little ones, who will soon be visiting ...
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Cougar In a Human Fleece

A song about a misogynistic grotesque I know and despise. Cougar In a Human Fleece Well, the black cat’s got your tongue now And you just can’t find the words All those promises you made her Were strictly for the birds And the fool’s gold walls of your faux Jericho They’re tumbling down Yeah, they’re tumbling down - It’s time to hitch another ride To swallow someone else’s pride How she fell for every scheme ...
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poetry challenge ...
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Just The Ashes.

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Witches Seed

An erotic novella exploring the meaning of life ...
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