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Fair weather

Fair weather I see April in the trees right here in winter my eyes do not leave her smell, her sweetness doesn’t give over from my green ears; whether it is freshness or heartburn I wonder she is adorning a strange garden I am immured with helpless whiteness freezing, shivering colors its proclivity love allures is she my age that's left from all the parts years ago trembling feet, diffident palate crackling chest April flows, ...
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a dream which will also become a poem one day, for the fiction challenge Confusion ...
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Endless game

I have found you at last if not anywhere else at least in my endless search. When I eat something from the roadside shop meet someone on the street or when I write to you, about you lifting from the past leaves anew in some obscure page that I gathered being on the stage within my visible time and space, you touch me with your smiles a push, a warm hug from a whispering wind ...
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And In Bright Morning

Some is autobiographical - some ain't ...
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The Nine Rules of Original Free Verse Poetry

(delete this text and enter your own, as always) ...
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Love evolves in lives lives, loves, leaves its trails on leaves loving tales unveil. Lovers laugh lament living truths and lies letters lightly write in volumes reveal delight. Love falls in deeds and words love lies in lucid breaths love alone lights the world love launders darkness. Love-some hearts witness love defeating deaths. Love fills the ground its hues hum above chanting all around long live love ...
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The Mad March Hare Affair

Apologies to Lewis Carroll and White Rabbits everywhere.... The Mad March Hare Affair ================== A late-night high-wire act with a saran-wrapped acrobat in her four-poster acro-belfry where you cracked bells and Bells whisky, frisked both basque and brisket love-slaps shock-absorbed by beer-belly crumple-zones so now you sidle home hare-fast moist with guilt to lick your lips as Pantin’s bliss-mist-kisses burn like napalmed butterflies on your lust-rouged cheeks. Keys barely fit the wee-hours locks to twinkle ...
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Vino Nites

Me and me bezzie buddy ...
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Sources seldom stress

Dictionaries are unaware of what literature in volumes of letters have done with them adhering to, skipping norms. Scriptures are unfamiliar with what religions in numerous ways have done with them with or without forms. Stars are not all there their lights ignite, spread the spark but at times left in the dark ...
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Wishy-washy buildings almost kissing the sky granite, marbles, tiles spic and span décor bank papers pile insane asylums house restless inmates and lovers. Comfort at hands spotless roads and gardens to choose hollows cost inside blank loneliness, quiet chews. In chains of files, goes on life unfulfilled dreams lie under the azure blue cries from inside a thousand wishes die imprisoned, in plastic paradise ...
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As It Happens

After I wrote this poem, I thought it belonged here on had fun with this one.  ...
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Changing garden

My green garden sordid all of a sudden free from stony intelligence no worries, no headaches bound with bounties without bonds surrounded by stars like currents flowing incessant, flawless. I am suddenly in paraspuri* with parasnath** in a moment I have become parasbudhhi*** currently feelings fill the urn fillers of lights burn the waters of loving most affectionate of sins throwing up forthwith troubling scenes even brownie leaves fall until there’s nothing at all the ...
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This is possibly something to rile both the believer and the unbeliever. But maybe I'm wrong. Even the briefest of comments would be appreciated ...
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December Promenade

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Your invitation

Your welcome was an opening unto a better world of love instead of vice, perversion and addiction, and from darkness to the light of beauty, from blind alleys down the drain of hopelessness to just the opposite, the warmth of human nature. How could I say no? It was an offer in a lifetime that could never be refused, and all my hesitation and misgivings were about that it seemed too good to be true; ...
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285 Million Dollars

Mild satire on reducing usa contributions to the UN by 285 million dollars ...
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Chapter 04: Angels of Death

Chapter 04 of the City Of Gargoyles - the second book of the Light-Father Chapter 04: Angels of Death       “Brother Spero,” Father Ursaf said to the pilot of Bede Angel Seven. “Father Beorcraft did not believe me but I remain convinced our fugitives are hiding in those buildings below us.”     “How are you feeling, Father? You said you became unwell when we were watching Beorcraft enter that hamlet.”     “I’m not sure ...
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Cold Is Envious Is

All my creative life certain people have gone out of their way to denigrate every creative work and you wonder why when they create so little or nothing at all... COLD IS ENVIOUS IS My heart pumps ink blood berg-clogged Course erratic within skins of tundra vellum Nibs of pointed ice pierce parch meant Calving shelves of unsung ebbs and floes Grinding sensibility into quarto slush   Cleft sharded poems reach a larynx swept To ...
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Getting through

The silver linings of your hair add only more intrigue and magic to your beauty, testifying to your rich experience, like too much suffering and dried up tears, but for me are golden more than argentine. There is no nobler beauty when it is enhanced by wisdom of maturity and deep experience that adds profundity and honesty to love to make it most imperishable. That's the purpose of all practised love, to make it more ...
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