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The Original Nine

A tribute to our nine planets in the solar system ...
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They looked at me. Pleaded me to never write about them until they read the lines. I am still waiting since many years like a word formed with letters of a strange language; it battled shied away like a bird its feathers carried traces of blood. I have ceased to become the word but I sense it wanders quietly in the woods longing to write the lines about them ...
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The holocaust of Britain

Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Anita Anand, BBC on his book An Era of Darkness. Enjoy listening by clicking here Nothing much has changed as far as eyes can see. The wisdom is to be watchful on words used. But I guess in the absence of willingness to cleanse the mind from ethnocentrism, everything becomes ornamental and plastic at the same time; therefore, 'now' it is too late ...
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The New Year’s Eve

A story for all the supposed modern girls out there. Disha checked the time on her mobile. 11:30 PM. She rolled over in her bed, scrolling through the New Year’s Eve pictures of her friends on her social media feed. Had her best friend Aditi not cancelled the plan at the last moment, she would have been in the most posh pub in town, dancing the night away to the peppy Bollywood numbers. It was all ...
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Storytellers and Healers

Intro: The world today needs storytellers and healers as much as other professionals for a holistic approach to a healthier  mankind that alone can pave the way for peace and harmony in these turbulent times and spread hope. Storytellers and Healers World needs more of Storytellers and Healers More than Speculators and Arms Dealers. When land, waters, sky, in a frenzy get hounded, It is they who keep humanity, sane and grounded. Ignite the curious ...
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The Way It Was (poetry challenge)

  troops of the British-Indian garrison during the siege   of Kut Al Amara, 7 Dec, 1915 - 29 April, 1916 You each stare directly at me silently signal this we leave for you and fall flatly away to a shuttered forever this pose was before the coming blows Teeth biting down on lower lip contained-child excitement alight in her eyes I imagine your small daughter lifting one healthy foot to scratch the other imagine ...
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Intro: this is a short story aiming to create a circular story ...
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Nothing much has changed as far as views, eyes exchange ears review and hear. Stars still fall and rise time apparels in disguise horizon seldom comes near. Greed breeds chastening grief overcast mind doesn’t know of relief until for a split, clouds clear. The overweight bird falls on the ground wings clipped, its tender chirps screech around the flyer crawls in agony and fear. Civilization with poisoned holocaust earlier it attacked from the back, at ...
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Now there’s no escape the mind has opened like the door for long it was used excused as closed, unfriendly. It is pounding like my heart overwhelmed with warmth of companionship clouded so long, now free. It has spread like the sky, a blue saree I gifted to my beloved I am now one with her separated for years. The tension on the stage softened, as far as I can see borrowed faith and fear ...
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The Lost Child (Poetry Challenge)

The lost child I see a child, not forgotten, but lost Deep in the mists of time. A child with serious eyes, a thinker. A quiet child? Quiet as a storm on a Summer afternoon! A composer of first-class songs, the libretto of her life, sung sotto voce, as she goes about her business. Grubby, chubby fingers probing everything, eager to learn, sure that she is the first to learn these wonders – a pioneer. Where ...
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INVISIBLE WALLS! A Annapurna Sharma In the east – clamored the pots and pans, an avalanche tumbling down the precipice! In the west – seduced the sonorous bed, a winter bear snuggling into a cavernous sleep! In the north – the chattering and the hullaballoo, a magpie whisking home at dusk! In the south – the door knob bellows DND, the polar caps upside down! To which room I belong? Unable to deal the deafening ...
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Memoir of a Currency Note

A journey into a currency note's life, death and re-birth! And how it is eerily similar to us ...
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Chapter 05: By Candlelight

Chapter 05 of the City of Gargoyles: Second Book of the Light-Father Trilogy. Chapter 05: By Candlelight       “Saint Peter’s teeth,” Saul choked as his eyes widened and bile rose in his throat. He laid Fern gently upon the ground and turned his gaze away. “We must tell the Light-Father of this!”     Michael said nothing but drew on his robes, reset the bandages about his face and pulled forward the cowl. “As you ...
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A Matter of Perception

 Simply because of his diet, granddad was an outcast, a recluse,  There were few mourners at granddad’s funeral. Not because he didn’t have any relatives, but because he’d lived mostly on a diet of rats. People shun rat eaters for some reason. Granddad had never married. As a young man, he was engaged to my grandma but then war came. Off he went, leaving Grandma pregnant with my father. Like so many wartime tragedies, their wedding was ...
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The Lonely Drummer

(This is a Limerick – About a performing artist and how one's fortunes changes with time) ...
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Downpour of plough

I try to take out the words hidden in my pages hollow bubbles addled, unable to fly volumes of lifeless letters crowded, clouded onerously play in my organs I know you wouldn’t overwrite your love on written leaves but they refuse to leave I lie like a useless instrument my garden, overburdened with stillborn thoughts. With effort, one by one, I clear them all so your saplings could fall reign upon my open field your ...
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