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On The Bus

Simple observation rhyme ...
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Her Flight

Her dreams soared high like a kite in full flight, Colourful and bright, tail fluttering in delight. Gusts tumbled her, carried her hither, Pulled her thither, swept on in gay abandon. Winged by wind billowing; now soaring, now diving, Joyously high-fiving, sky and the capricious wind. Doubts made her dance, swoop in an exhilarating twirl, A horizontal pirouette propelling into the stratosphere. She tugged impatiently, at the tether that diligently Held her Earth-bound; this was ...
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English Spelling Reform

The upheavals of the Middle English period (1100 – 1500) have left the English language, in terms of spelling at least, in a bamboozling chaotic mess that is extremely frustrating for learners of the language. In terms of vocabulary and pronunciation, the English language had pretty much settled down by the end of the Early Modern period, and by 1700 the “trap-bath” split had occurred in London. When Samuel Johnson published the first English dictionary ...
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All of my Opinions

Just look at all these privileged white male proletarian imbeciles who can’t use grammar properly! Just listen to their simple squeals about how they don’t want their daughters ravished by a grooming gang! Reactionary as the King of Auschwitz or the Kuomintang! They disregard the gender wage gap! Nobody can stop them from whinging about terrorism like it’s a real problem! All brainwashed by the right-wing press! Indoctrinated minions! (even though the TV trumpets all ...
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last sitting

threadbare-carpet hotel breakfast   ‘té? café? sir? madam?’ ‘is there marmalade?’ ‘I fetch you mermelada’ ‘and a spoon for my muesli’ ‘I fetch you, cuchara, madam’ ‘no, ‘spoon’, I said’   porridge is ladled and admired   ‘the Scots make it with water’ ‘I didn’t know that’ ‘I have five prunes in mine every morning’ ‘I think I will too’ ‘prunes are good for the stool’ ‘I didn’t know that’   my designated table-mate is ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Goodbye, Bankerland, oligarchic orgy club, Slav-spanking lebensraum, yellow-starred Beelzebub. Hello, Democracy! Goodbye, Fourth Reich sweeping nations into coffins, England is more than a bureaucratic province and once again, we’re free! Goodbye, hipsters with your funky hats and latest smartphones, mouth-farting that the working class is racist, this country’s ours again! Goodbye, Scotland, if your centuries of scuffles for freedom mean shunting your capital to Brussels. Good luck with that, my friend. Goodbye, Ulster, if your ...
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Evergreen legacy

When you're happy Plant a seed, If you're down with sorrow Water a weed, Times when you’re green With jealousy, or blue with worries Indulge in composting It’s an instant remedy. When you're enjoying with family Sit and sing under a tree, When you're relaxing with friends Nurse your garden However small it might be, A shrub, a herb A creeper, a bush Nourish them, nurture them Wherever they shoot. You don't have to do ...
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The world. Begging for credit. Stealing, robbing Snatching it from others; Friends, relatives, competitors. Everyone is doomed In the lose-lose gloom Unable to choose. Step back. Giving becomes a given. The world changes, Flourishes, washes all sins, Takes off the imprisoned page With its win-win wings. Credit is for giving. It is not for getting. Simple, no bombastic, Antiquated words Like those ignorant herds. O workers, managers Wise men, politicians Scientists, artists, industrialists; It just ...
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In unison

I am truly indebted to UKAuthors for being so accommodating, listening to a different genre of music is not easy...thank you, thank you, thank you; Hindus and Muslims of India are inseparable.  ...
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Pint of Liberal Tears, Please, Barman

Pint of liberal tears, please, barman! The endless circling droning sermon from the slippery as a salmon two-faced million-mouthed demon is silenced with a trump, trump, trump. Those crisp, delicious, sweet, drought-quenching tears are pumped out in mind-bunching unison, in perfect harmony, from those who’d like to teach the world to whine, “Blond postmen are the planet’s enemy! Moustaches are a tool of hegemony! Agree with us or you’re a soiled, pooey misogynist who hates ...
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Words are energies

No, I will not lie I am here to lay bare On what I can never rely. You're most enthusiastic In your reluctance, For highlighting errors You write pages, You're most reluctant With your compliments You finish them off, as it were In one sentence. It's not your fault It's your horrible upbringing,  Your terrible education That has taught you this You are happy with your Ps and Qs Yet you're restless in your abyss ...
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Death Announced Her Arrival

This one was written for a friend, an old lady, who called me late one night requesting a ride to a hospital. For a number of practical reasons, I could not help her. Her sons absolved me as easily as they absolved themselves. I see her so clearly in my mind, sitting outside her huge empty house, waiting for me to come along with my dog on my evening walks. She would borrow a pittance ...
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