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This is London, love. I ordered an Indian Pale Ale, not a peace-talk between a Navaho and an Apache. ...
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Real power

Real power I have the power to bless everyone, Those who are nice to me And those who are not; From my royal position I will not fall, I will only use my power to love Above everything, above all. Vrai pouvoir (French) J'ai le pouvoir de bénir tout le monde, Ceux qui sont gentils avec moi Et ceux qui ne le sont pas; De ma position royale Je ne tomberai point du tout, Je ...
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Four of Eight – Four Line Poems

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Five of Eight – Four Line Poems

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Full Circle

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well, the man who mends the well means well he may well mend it well as well but let’s face it he might as well give up it’s not a well well ...
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Because It’s Their

Wrote after watching the film Everest  ...
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Behave! you told me or do you have a bee in your bonnet a wasp in your boot a hive of hornets behind your flies or what watch out, you warned or the fuzz’ll be here buzzing let’s be having you I wish I’d had you I would have had you if I hadn’t have had as many addling additives as I had had and if I hadn’t have been being such an addict such ...
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Tim’s Cat

I once knew a locksmith called Timothy whose cat was a lardy behemoth, he scoffed rats till he threw up. I forget where Tim grew up, his accent was Cornish or Plymouthy. Tim fed his cat minced beef and onion pasties and cider for luncheon. He lapped up that scrumpy then, like Humpty Dumpty, went “wallop!” in drunken malfunction, so the table and chairs would all rock a lot like the house had been seized ...
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I can make you feel small, racist. So that you’ll have to crawl, racist. I can make you want, after speaking to me, to bash your head on a wall, racist. I don’t care a jot for your figures and facts because I can just bawl, “Racist!” The only fact people need to know is that I’m not at all racist. ...
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UKIP Clerihews, Written by Liberals

Nigel Farage may well have won the referendum and put this country in charge of its own destiny, but I’m still right and seventeen million people just aren’t very bright. Raheem Kassam is a white supremacist bigot who wants to do immigrants harm. Oh, hang on... How discouraging... He’s an Indian of Muslim origin... Paul Nuttall should be blasted off the earth in a space shuttle. Fuck democracy, everyone should just agree with me. David ...
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Whenever there's crisis There's Christ Krishna, in any form In any norm With or without a name Responds to distress Allah is light Waiting to alight Unto anyone in need At the drop of a hat ...
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Game is on

Every moment An image surfaces, Without a page, A scratch, a paint; It stays, Gets destroyed, or recreated; Game with Trinity Is on, liberty Is captured in the Blue infinity ...
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new and officially going through a goth phase ...
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