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Creating spasms

incoherent raw rant not for religious optimistic people ...
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The Process

A dream ends, another begins ...
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Free England

There once was a time when we mucked out the swine for we stuck and combined when we could. We sucked on our limes and we struck up our rhymes to the crimes of Fawkes, Turpin and Hood, but now we’re pushed round on a merry-go-round of American merits and lore. Free England! Free England! Come get your free England, free England with every world war! No longer, you see, will we ponder how tea ...
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Always Remembered

At the eleventh hour, on a Sunday of the eleventh month ...
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Mo Mhathair (My Mother)

Inspired by a beautiful Gaelic song I heard in concert ...
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The ice-breaker

The color of the skin was a household discourse a cause of concern that spread its agonies beyond the domestic front. Eyes would shy away from darkness, paint a beautiful face with foreign fairness so it merged in the blinded way. Tearful years have passed, bloody roads buried by design, under the red carpet, until freshness bloomed bright and held aloft the ignored right. Dewdrops brightened the colors when dawns broke, certain and sudden smiling ...
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I have no boss, I am no one's boss No, I am not even my own boss.  Big burdens buried, binned Baggage alighted in the wind,  A barrier I had to so desperately cross. Business has messed with 'boss' Cruelty, punishment, penalty Germs that devoured liberty The ethos that spread chaos All around the globe, without slightest dignity.  In a boss-free zone if the world would ever be Wars, woes, worries, would wither Work would ...
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Three 50-words mini-tales

I am a man of few words ...
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River bank

poetic microtale (trying to see if this format works better after years and years of editing) ...
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The Great Exodus

reposting ...
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Treading the Boards

A follow-up to: ...
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Lanturne ...
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When We Were Kids

The cutting edge ...
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Walking it off

Micro-fiction ...
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Oil on Titan

And did great claws in ancient time slash upon Titan’s pitch-dark hills? And did huge towering lizards roar through Saturn’s moon’s subzero chills? And did their mighty bones decay and seep through Titan’s frozen soil? Who cares about the reason why that distant moon yields lovely oil? Bring me my bombs of Yankee gold! Bring me my warplanes that can fire! Bring me a rumour, a claim so bold, and many a young man’s funeral ...
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