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Cuando Calienta el Sol

An unforgettable tune ...
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Buried leaves

I buried heaves of leaves From the crown Under my cosy bed; They turned a uniform brown, Those which were once Green, yellow and red. To have a glance At the once-upon-a-time words I dug them out and read, They appeared hazy and blurred But I felt them fresh in my head ...
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Long Forgotten

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poetry readings – approach with caution

  I planned to read some stuff in Scunthorpe   the venue is a good one and some of the women have caught the eye of this grey-head wannabe.   I packed copies of my latest book – passable, if I say so myself, better than my ‘prentice efforts, not great, not good, but getting ‘there’.   I preened before a mirror in a soigné black fedora,   ‘not bad. not bad at all, my ...
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A Fresh Start

Saint Francis of Assisi born Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, informally named as Francesco ...
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Year’s End.

Apologies for another autumn poem, I really am trying to find another subject, honestly ...
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Little Book Of Poems

  just one of many one collects ...
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christmas at a girlfriend’s work

my time with Tessa was pretty much up it was on the cards - it did not need a tarot reader - sex had dwindled from a summer of no holds barred to an autumn of no chance of any hold at all. so, in October when she asked if I’d be her school Santa – I figured, despite the evidence, I must still be ‘well in there’. ‘maybe you’ve misread the runes it’s a ...
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Swimming frogs

  Teams are tired of their tasks, If you'd ever have the courage to ask Them why they wear their masks When they are or aren't at work, They'd perhaps break into tears And sing sad songs in chorus. The inseparable fear Follows them everywhere In perpetual Halloween Like jokers of a comic scene. They're earning money Which, through the years They slowly realize is Worse than sunshine Bitter than honey For with it at ...
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On the 50th year of my father's death ...
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The world in my heart

When I discovered this It disturbed me, But then I paused For a long while And thought; Slowly, it made sense to me, I accepted that looking For like minded people Is a form of racism. So now I consciously Look forward to expand My horizons, To like people who Are not like me; Though I like to write, I am trying to like people Who hate writing. I hate beef, yet I am trying ...
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In Loving Memory

A floral tribute ...
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