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Considering you

Your touch is light, a life-inspiring force and power keeping you awake forever for the truest light of all, enlightening all beauty and increasing it perpetually by your mere existence, highest of all powers, crowning all creation by the strangest of phenomena, that fantastic magic, lightest of all lightness and the highest light of all, and that is you, my love ...
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Everybody is a buddy no enemy around your world, peaceful and sound journey to discover this realize there’s nothing amiss offer a smiling hand to everyone you can be prepared and ready. In my world, there is no enemy none at all in me my world, formed with words calm, clear, seen and heard a thousand times foes have ceased to chime my eyes and my ears tired, tempted for years now day and night ...
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poem ...
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November Shades.

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Looking back

When passion won me over it was not voluntarily that I gave up my self-respect and purity of living for the doubtful chaos of indulgence, but I never have regretted it, since no one came to harm, since health did never suffer and since the result by the grace of Aphrodite seemed to only be increasing beauty. What manifestation can be finer? If but life and beauty grows in faring well, I would suggest that ...
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Saturated Ground

poem ...
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Find me the feelings

" this honey melting in my soul is all it wants to hold you closer to me" ...
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Starforged Opening

‘This may be the last time you see such a marvellous sunrise for a while, immersed in your studies as you will surely be. Besides, the east face of the fortress has few windows and unless you scale the bastion on that side the vantage would not suffice.’ The enchantress Elariana had a soft husky voice that held a chiding tone yet Rayn did not answer in kind. Nor did he glance back over his ...
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A Merry Christmas All:

  A Merry Christmas All. Is the Seasons call. Fir trees covered in cones, bells, baubles and bows: Glittering lights glimmering and all that  glows. Presents exchanged with smiles and kisses. Family gather and enjoy the Christmas dishes. Gifts lovingly chosen are admired and on show. The tv flickers with a festive family show. Christmas fayre to enjoy throughout the day. A welcome all this Christmas day including Santa; who couldn't stay. Seasons Greetings All ...
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Another Winter

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Une up le Spout

Had he not missed his stop, Liam O’Cafferty might never have become a household name ...
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It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane. (Philip K. Dick) ...
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Welcome Christmas:

Bells are ringing to welcome Christmas day. People singing while they make their way. Some are praying for a Saviour born; In a manger and to the break of dawn. Santa's arrival and lots of gifts. We bought each other from a shop with lifts. So excitedly, we unwrap our presents. We're so impressed we wear our Winter garments. The Christmas meal over, we can tuck into our Christmas sweets. And other such Christmas treats! ...
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Love’s incidence

Love! Love! Great love’s incidence, Plotted by one’s own fate coincidence, Without roots of peerless confidence, Sprouts buds that soothe wary hearts The life of the sweetest song starts, That delicious becomes the whisper, Glances, silent lips and warm murmur, The smiles, and every sudden gesture, This time, that place in fall and winter, Past, present and uncertain future, All what love allows them to say, Though between trust and doubt sway, They believe promises ...
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Living Statue

I shall always remember, the white rose, In the barren croft, Where I was designed to sit On a stone, grey, mossy and soft. I never rose, As long as I can recollect, Untroubled, Untroubling, Forsaken to watch it, White beauty with pride, Resting for a while, High above the mirthful green tide; Vigil beauty in royal style, Before starting to wither, This peaceful flower, Each spring season, For decades, taught me without reason, To ...
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Arbeit Macht Frei

Another re-post but I thought while we're remembering the fallen of various conflicts ...
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Letters And Loyalty.

The last one I shall actually dedicate to Harvey. As with most Spaniels he would bring me things on request, but his main job, in his eyes, was collecting any letters from the hall and dropping them at my feet, hence the title of this poem ...
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