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First taste

We wonder about our fickle taste,Its no secret about the buds embrace, Breakfast, dinner, tea. All great feasts for me. Crafted in the womb and tested from the bosom of life. Our initial tap for life dries and independence starts Experimenting after a gourmet drought Decades into my existence Broaden my way, broaden my taste Rejection the initial fear For paternal reaches far beyond, How you think, how you taste,who you are. When we ease ...
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Lie in wait O mighty grange.

Darkness falls upon you. Every day in deepest pale Shadows lost from every wall. No light to guide or stop our stumble. Beauty withheld, void of sight! Your might reduced, waiting... Like a heart that skips a beat. Waiting as we with bated breath. Five hallowed days of winter; Solstice is the vice. Short, reserved, full of favor It lights your sides for all to savor. In a blink, it is gone! and you blend again ...
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some micro poems

horizon teaches me what lies before my eyes may not be what I see ... we're great learners as though we know now how to survive without weapons ... just a while ago I thought I let old memories go but they've again conquered my space, my body, my ego overcast the presence of my elusive consciousness ... don't worry mobiles and other gadgets will be outdated soon what'll never be antiquated are weapons and ...
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I loved You a Little Too Much

You were the woman that crumbled. A falling clay cliff, short term, assured, tenancy, for no more than eighteen months. You lived and watched from east facing windows. Beautiful sea, suspicious serpent. A kraken always awake. Moods measured by moon movements, but, for a time we were the real thing. Then salt and water  dissolved feelings. Coastal creatures creating fissures. A vessel, a storm and a decommissioned lighthouse. If we had been in the winter ...
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The stars sparkle and you bring light

The twinkle hides in your eye, It appears in a blink making all radiant, It puts you at ease like a silent sea. Rages happen but not in you. Torrents come from others. Dark eases moving forward. Clouds lift and warmth emanates. You raise the sun. Whilst the moon hides its light! You have a mind so fine It ambushes me in a flash with thoughts of kind. The only regret is life flits by.  ...
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Ode an den Dönerkebab / Ode to the Doner Kebab

Ode an den Dönerkebab Döner, schönes Götterfleisch und Tochter aus dem Schwarzen Meer, Lamm von Gott, dein fettes Reich erweitert sich nach vielem Bier. Wenn mein Sinn in Pfützen liegt, erstürmst du schnell durch meinen Geist. Mein ungeschickter Hunger fliegt zu dir auf deinem Thron, der kreist. Deine Donnern widerhallen durch die Stadt – wie laut sie singt! Alle Menschen werden lallen, wenn dein Lärm die Nacht umringt. Döner, deine Säfte schmecken nach Kleinasien, Himmel ...
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Korviaaslax – Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen - Drop Point *        *        *         *       Kor adjusted the strap on her shoulder slung carry-all as she exited the Citadel lander-craft, K’Na, and set her spurred boots for the first time in many cycles to Earth’s crust.       “Heavy gees. Breathe evenly and steady on, Kor,” Pauline was ever the Sergeant and Kor smiled, feeling the gravity tug at her facial muscles and everywhere else. Moving through mud would have been ...
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Fáilte go dtí ár saol síochánta

You were not at my birth, Far from a stranger to me, I feel I have known you an eternity. Emerald of Isles swathed in green, vision of dreams.. Your heavy embrace captures me. Islands in islands breathe life and ouse charm  You deny none who tread your stones. So often others deny the same. You have been bruised,Shaken but never taken. Unlike my heart and soul, When I smile my last smile. When I ...
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Vague! The world is vague. Made of plastic or glass; Pieces pierce. We’re perpetually in the blue hanging like clouds or waves torn apart through moments beyond our ken alas! The body is pulling us down. Whose body? Mine! I somehow realise that this owner I wants to move up. Yet it settles down with the corpse. The world, the real world which is not like the waves, neither it is like the clouds… it ...
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The Morning I Woke Up Having Forgotten…

The Morning I Woke Up Having Forgotten I was German I woke up at eleven feeling conquered by French absinthe and lacking recollection of events that weren’t too distant, inside a ferny wood that seemed to me more like a labyrinth. My sight was blurred, my speech was slurred, my footsteps were resistant. A passer-by in leather trousers helped me to some cottages and welcomed me, his neighbour, from the bottom of his larynx. The ...
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When in darkest moods…

When in darkest moods I think of you, my love, with all the nastiness that we together have gone through, I don’t know whether I shall weep or rave and risk indulging in them both, ferociously, while there is very little comfort in the fact that our love is still enduring although we can almost never see each other. Wallowing in my imagination of how it could be and could have been is like a ...
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Mirror mirages

Never believe your eyes. The only ones who tell the truth are lies. If one day you don't recognize yourself looking deep into the mirror, then the mirror at last is telling you the truth. All reality is just a passing mirage, and we are all deceived fools who believe in it, while only the doubters have any reason, only the sufferers know life, only tears know love, only pain is free from lies, and ...
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Perfection appears in dreams

Persecution  is fools gold, A prize never sought, It has its place in history, not now! The slick tongue should never quake! Why wait for every mistake. Take a glance at life's mirror, You see humans, not statues of perfection. Pause, think and understand, All that breathe,All that speak, All are so different, live and let live ...
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Betty, is a contortionist, who is always in demand And you know she won’t do anything, unless it’s been pre planned Ernie's a control freak, although he'll argue that he’s not He likes to dance in discotheques and thinks he’s really hot Barbara, is just beautiful because she has an honest soul For me she would do anything because I am her goal She works and works 12 hours each day, to ensure that we ...
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“Don’t fart around me, it’s rude!” she ordered, lighter in hand, casually blowing cancer into my soft lungs. From “Disoccidented” by Alfie Shoyger: ...
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Why limbo,why me?

Caught between two worlds. A dreamer of dreams. Collapsed, often in thought. Drowning in a sea of quandaries ...
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Fear not my mirror.

Fear not my mirror! Look into my eyes Look into my mind Look into my heart. Can you see my guise It's me, I hide nothing! Not a tear. Not a frown. Concern maybe: memories emblazoned in thought? Fear the words. Fear the truth.  Fear consequence.  Fear the world. Fear the mirror? not I ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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