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A Tense Situation

Nabul, here we come ...
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Public Order and Private Dicks

Defective detectives ...
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Map Reading

I've learned about distances like these few millimeters and the how of their lengthening, come to know every signpost every exit road along the way - and where each happens around those unexpected curves. Learned, too, how the highway opens up and spaces change until flat land stretches out ahead fallow brown on every side; how suddenly you're out there stunned by warning signs in a dust bowl where the sun burns and time slows, ...
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The Widow’s Mite

When there is nothing left to give...grief becomes the order of the day. There are times that stifle words. Choke the warmth, smother the need, so great the deeds, so deep the damage, to try to verbalise is futile. One can only pray seasons, contributions and deep introspection will earn rewards not yet apparent from this vantage. Were our differences only contained. Perhaps in time, mutual understanding? Not drip-fed to a new generation to wreak ...
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Calling in the Crows

Written years ago on my relocation to the city from the sanctuary of my country retreat in Aberdeenshire and missing my crows. Hear my voice in your cold dark dawn frosty branches and purple streaked sky. Awake! rouse yourselves! heads removed from covering wing. Come now, to this small city dwelling. Fly above the cliffs and the barren cornfields, majestic architecture and city churches. Let me hear your noisy ponderings as to the reason for ...
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Time 2020

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) I have written so little in the last 18 months or so, to be back to writing is a relief.  It seems somehow appropriate that inspiration should dawn on the same day that I discover this (old) new version of UKA ...
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edited again and again may have nailed it this time ...
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Take A Moment, Tired Fool

Revised unpublished thing from my old 'bits and pieces' folder. Deserved revising I feel as it felt fresh to my eyes. (It was obviously inspired by staring frustratedly at a blank sheet of paper or computer screen... something I experience all too often.) ...
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A Sinking Ship

"You can't be serious?" The captain's face was flushed with fury. "It's an expedient manoeuvre but it could work. We've nothing to lose now have we?" Jack glanced over the port quarter and saw 22 wooden lifeboats full to capacity bobbing on the choppy ocean ...
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The passage of time changes everything, and in the maturity of older age are we not allowed to mourn what was? ...
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The Craven

An alternative take on The Raven ...
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At this juncture of unprecedented uncertainties we need bold positive mindset, spend quantifiable time for self. Self-care & satisfaction at every nook our 'new normal' life, which is nowhere selfish act. Muse on.. Complacence I'm in competition with myself, and have no Desire To be greater than anyone anymore. I'm simply trying to be easier and better What I was days before. With love and anonymity nurture A skirmish battling with own fervor. A stick ...
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tea with a friend

come visit soon we will drink green tea from translucent china no need to talk much we’ll show photos of our children’s children you’ll take mine across to your wedding day demob suit husband for his approval I’ll smile at yours ‘two cubes or one?’ ‘one, I’m sweet enough’ ‘yes, you are’ ‘let’s sit in the garden get the last of the sun’ ‘why weren’t we lovers?’ ‘we set that aside for days like this’ ...
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torch song

torch song when winter comes and living stutters light a guiding lamp and I will find my way age or the grave cannot prevent us – together we shall rise maybe we will sing of willow riverbanks beside fields of meadow flowers rejoicing at the refreshingment of gentle rain wave-soaked barnacle rocks and gulls sea shores, sea shells, maybe we will love like youthful yesterdays welcome each bright dawning with barefoot dance and drumming wearing ...
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