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A big relief

A big relief Nothing to do! No work to look forward to None to talk to! Engaged only with my lines My words, a pack of useless lies This now my affair A little unfair huh? I think I must die Ha ha ha No courage to decide To end my life, to commit suicide. The woods are lovely dark and deep I have no promises to keep I beg your pardon Robert Frost I ...
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Donegal Eden

another revision ...
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It’s An Ill Wind

  that doesn't blow someone some good! The art of turning a metaphor into a literality! ...
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old and new, not that it matters ...
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Burned Rubber Streets – Two Images

I let the pictures speak. I. Big City Night Life - Sweden 2019 Night time And new expensive looking cars; The sound of music in Arabic Pounding through the car windows; Lamp lights stare in vain ... A car stops! A girl is taken in by the music!! She enters!!! The car heads of towards a crossing formed as a Y. Instead of turning right The car continues its ride to the left, Which is ...
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older poem ...
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My dreams

My dreams, Lying on the shore Unfulfilled pebbles. My myopic eyes Don't recognize, Cannot own Any one stone. Those black jewels Which could once see The horizon at night, The hilltop through the fog Are screeching for vision. 'They're not what you see They're diamonds! Whether scattered On the beach, Drowned in the mines Yet to be found, Adorning a jewelry Or a beating heart They're precious Priceless pearls'. My feeble, fragile hands Took some ...
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Moments of Lust (Excerpt)

What you hear is what you get ...  Moments of Lust is a poetry of mine turned into music. What you hear is all my "noise" with one exception and that is the chanteuse ...
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The Day the Beach Filled Up

The day the beach filled up Dunthorne munched liquorice, wiping sugar into corduroy. Mackenzie bought staples in bulk, losing dozens down the radiator as he sat all morning tiring the springs of his hole-puncher. Wright lay still in a coat, chilli sauce on his lip, throat a mousetrap. Penlington paused at the mirror, deciding on a moustache. Sutherland, forearms red and puffy from a whiskey-buffeted tumble into a nettle patch, leant staring, repulsed, by a ...
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chatting with Saoirse

A revised pome from me new book - chosen at random ...
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Roles matter

Roles matter When you write your lines I become a reader You bring them to life With your tunes Humming in the air, I become a listener. You sing to me stories Of successes and failures Of families and histories Of joys and woes, Your world of words Makes me a follower. For all these roles I play I'm indebted to you everyday I can read, listen, follow Other words, high and low, Now I'm ...
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For a Change …

A repost from last year. Not edited ...
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Thank You

Fresh from my mind ...
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Sleep That Knits

The eyes slowly close shutting out light and sound killing senses to the point of numbness.   Drowsy would be alert compared to what is now behind my eyes, heavy upon my lids. Drowsy would be good for another hour or better.   The mind clouds and blinks to stay awake, but too many hours have passed and here is need for major repairs and too long sought, but not recently found, dreamspheres.   Adieu, ...
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Chapter 18: Wolf and Feral

Chapter 18 of the City of Gargoyles: Book 2 of the Light-Father trilogy ...
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Really Goodness is seen Sadly in pictures In advertisements In words In sounds Seldom in silence Camouflaged in the cage Bound within the fence. If so many people are good Showing their affection Their kindness Towards the needy and the poor In social networking sites Collecting a downpour Of countless likes Then why's the world still Suffering from injustice, imbalance Of every kind? I wonder how we talk What we do instead When none would ...
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A perfect world

Looking for perfection Is not just a vice It's an addiction, an invisible device Through which enters  The hitherto invincible corruption With a humongous, perverted price.  You don't accept a line A word, an expression Of a text You come up with fine Innocuous suggestions,  But you don't realise That this intolerance In other contexts Can ruin your life.  This virus in your head Could contaminate your house,  You don't accept your spouse Their stature, ...
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A story that calculates the value of victory ...
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The young psychiatrist is determined to work with a hopeless case, a ghostly statue from the past so he can woo the girl he loves ...
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