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Refugees weeping. Blind eyes Unable to see The storm, Love levels in silence. Sea waves rising. ...  Amazon drying For fresh flesh and blood Parasites stretch; The world, Running out of breath ...
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Just a bit of insensitive, man-o-centric doggerel.  Feel free to throw tomatoes! ADAM’S RIB Before Adam’s rib became       His wedded wife You might know he led a far       Racier life. With a certain sprightly nymph       He had some fun Setting a pattern for the       Ages to come. Her name was Lilith, a most       Sportive lady, And she added to Adam’s        Pleasure greatly! But God looked down and saw       Those goings-on And when Adam woke again ...
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For how long

  I talk of love, purity I am a sissy I talk of caprice, vice Hatred, bombs, weapons Am smart, taken seriously. I worship Messiahs and Saints, Chanting their words, I am all in tears, While on the field, they're redundant, in vain For there, I follow the stillborn Hitler. I take occasional vacations Go in the lap of nature. While every part of it is a giver I am a snatcher, taker Or, to ...
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A view from Mainland

A shortie following the tanka template: ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Age is just a number ...
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Loire Valley Château

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Young Woman with Halo

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In search of

When the stage Is stabbed all over the place, When the fields, that once fed Millions, look robbed, broken Into pieces, deserted; Fatigued, famished families in famine, have fled... In search of greener patches. Intelligent people, Busy, occupied, engaged; Spending millions of dollars, As though under the influence Of some weeds, In search of other planets. Uninhabitable places, Barren lands, Sterile meadows, Brown fields, Weeping, wailing, wandering, In search of wise attention ...
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Words into action

  I am a storehouse of words. Yet I am so far from the lighthouse. Meaningless churning of words Freezing in the knowledge mart, No walking the talk is what's making it worse, The worried world, no wonder, is falling apart. I don't hate the sin, I hate the sinner Instead of loving, I fight with my neighbour Yet I know the scripture by heart And the sacred eight-fold path; I have full knowledge of ...
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Oh times

Who is the liar Who says time Waits for none? For it doesn't leave, It stays with me All the time ...
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Chapter 35: Checkmate

Last Chapter in the City of Gargoyles. Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy The battle of Uppermost has been won but the battle of Muspelheim begins and their survival depends on the the bravery of one small child hiding in a barricade...  Checkmate        Ten Bells came and went punctuated by sporadic exchanges of fire, plasma-grenades and pipe bombs. The plasma grenades were thrown at the barricade but they bounced back down the stairs and ...
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The Fisherman

Updated version ...
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The Other Side – Chapter 10 – Neh wenako Cont

Izzy struggles to believe in what is real and what is imagined ...
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You must be a winner? To be in the good books Of self-help? What about the authors Who're writing their stories On life's page? Surviving with resilience Despite odds, hard work? Slogging for their families Yet not making it right? Would you never let them write? They’re caged in credit cards, EMIs Shelved forever as losers? They fall every moment, never succumb Only winners would you welcome? You neglect them in silence Though in the ...
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