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Accident at Frinton-on-Sea

It was a case of just sitting tight and waiting. Eventually the words would come. He was going to be a writer – just like that. He would write a story, perhaps not even a story – just a scene, just an event would do. It could end with an ...
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Rat Pie

Why would anyone eat a rat? I mean, seriously, why would any sane, rational person kill, cook and eat rats? ...
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Ending Perceptivity Benignly

The anodyne effect of anachronism in Life's end-game Inspired by Archie's intriguing poem "Broken" ...
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Meeting Emily Jane

Here is a short piece from my new book, I'm still playng with it trying to get it right ...
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Chapter 11: Pillar to Post

Chapter 11 from the City of Gargoyles - Sequel to the Light-Father. Ellete's parents flee the Order in Brigstowe only to meet a police cordon where ill omens await them. New edit posted 10/04/19 ...
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Chapter 10 – Stone Ghosts

Chapter 10 of City of Gargoyles - the second book in the Light-Father trilogy. Deep within the bowels of Milverburg, they await news of the Light-Father while Amos and Fria discover a brief spark of humanity and meet their match ...
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Diabetes Awareness

short story for diabetes awareness ...
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End of Life

He's dying but he's not going alone. End of Life Ian pulled hard on the cigarette, enjoying the crackle as the tobacco tip glowed brighter and sucked the smoke deep into his lungs; if Tracy could see him now. Thirty six he’d been when they’d kicked the cancer sticks together ...
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The new tomorrow

Chapter I                     Eira I have suddenly awoken, breathing heavily. My chest was rising back and forth wildly. I felt a painful sting with my every breath and it took me a little while to find my bearings in the dark of the night. I was lying in the middle of the bed. I felt my nightgown, ...
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The Gods of the Odds

The serial killer was undetected and unsuspected because he always carefully kept the odds on his side ...
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It just dawned on me – I’m a person

Mann muss immer immer immer immer immer immer veruckt sein ...
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When Meaning Was Lost

in the discourse of words ...
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Ursula Flynne’s Terrible Sin

This story is  taken from a compilation titled, Jacqueline & Other Stories ...
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My love – My Sparkling Lamington

I wrote a letter to my love and on the way I dropped it……… ...
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Roses For Ever

This story is one of many in a book that I have published online. The eBook is called Jacqueline and Other Stories and is available on Smashwords & Books2read. Roses for Ever Sandra Maggs Once, in a far-off kingdom that existed in someone’s imagination, a mythical garden that had never ...
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According to my archive, I submitted this in 2004. It seemed to be well liked then. Haven't done a lot with it tidied and fiddled ...
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The Web. Chapter10

We learn more ...
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The Web. Chapter 11

Sugar and water and Ju-ju men. (The last submission of this for a while.) ...
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The Pastures of Jordan

The Pastures of Jordan There was a distinct feeling of neglect about the old farm house.  Cracked white weatherboards with a rusting corrugated iron roof and a well-used veranda that stretched across the front of the old building assaulted the eyes on approach. Two dirty brown ruts molded over time ...
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