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Ecstatically Inclined

  is better than a bad deal! ...

Accident at Frinton-on-Sea

It was a case of just sitting tight and waiting. Eventually the words would come. He was going to be ...

Rat Pie

Why would anyone eat a rat? I mean, seriously, why would any sane, rational person kill, cook and eat rats? ...
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Meeting Emily Jane

Here is a short piece from my new book, I'm still playng with it trying to get it right ...

Chapter 11: Pillar to Post

Chapter 11 from the City of Gargoyles - Sequel to the Light-Father. Ellete's parents flee the Order in Brigstowe only ...

Chapter 10 – Stone Ghosts

Chapter 10 of City of Gargoyles - the second book in the Light-Father trilogy. Deep within the bowels of Milverburg, ...