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Red light

Sujata, like any other child, wanted to study. She was admitted to a good vernacular medium school far away from her neighborhood.  Initially she had many friends. She was good at studies, but as time went by she discovered herself as a flutist. Slowly, she became very lonely, this flute ...
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Barbie What do you think of me huh?  A puppet, a doll?  Or even worse, a ping-pong ball? Barbie was disappointed with her parents. Her mother Piya, one fine morning, just went absconding... until later she was found safe in her grandpa's place.  Domestic violence? Yes she agrees, but who ...
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The Cougar’s Claws

She was the vicar's wife, he was a teenager, the son of the local bank manager. In 1959 appearances mattered. (Re-edited and extended) ...
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Health is wealth

Health is wealth Winners also quit, quitters also win. Example: smoking Mantra/Prayer: I was never born as a smoker. Smoking is unnatural, abnormal for me. I see the urge of smoking leaving my system. For good. Ah! There again! I am a non-smoker. I am back to my nature. I ...
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Reality is the Guy Next Door

"I don't remember where something like this was written" - The Bible 😉 ...
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The Stairs

This is a story written for a comp...what haunts you, can be anything, memories, regret, guilt... I want you to explore what haunts one of your characters. Get as creative as you want with your haunting but make sure it evokes emotion. All genres are welcome. Perhaps it’s fear, ...
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Be Careful What You Wish For

  especially to the hard of hearing! Or when delirious! ...
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Convenient Answers

I often feel like I'm hiding from reality ...
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Brazil burning

Brazil burning. Rainforest on fire. Blaming has started. It means the problem is here to stay, according to Peter Senge, a renowned systems thinker. Drawing a problem-map involving all stakeholders can help us have a bird's eye view. Those who're cutting trees to earn a living are successfully selling the ...
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Tell me

  I am a fool. That's why growth and development doesn't attract me. When rich become richer, poor poorer for years on end, I don't see any growth. Trust me, I see a design, a pattern, but no growth. Which car you drive, which version of software you use, how ...
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The Unknown part 2

This is a piece I have been writing/ working on. I have taken onboard constructive feed back from everyone, i appreciate the help. Hopefully, my work shows improvement and that I have indeed learnt new skills. Please drop a comment. Its always good to know if the story was easy ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Chapter 35: Checkmate

Last Chapter in the City of Gargoyles. Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy The battle of Uppermost has been won but the battle of Muspelheim begins and their survival depends on the the bravery of one small child hiding in a barricade...  Checkmate        Ten Bells came and went punctuated ...
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The Other Side – Chapter 10 – Neh wenako Cont

Izzy struggles to believe in what is real and what is imagined ...
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Chapter 34: Endgames

The penultimate chapter of City of Gargoyles. Book 2 of the Light-Father trilogy A microcosm of the battles raging across all Creation, bloodshed comes to Milverburg as the Light-Father and his allies begin to fight for their lives against Schimrian and his Order on both physical and metaphysical battle-fields as ...
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The Other Side – Chapter 10 – Neh wenako

A summer storm begins and Izzy feels ill and confused. Is it heatstroke or something else?  This is only part of Chapter 10 and where I have got so far, but there will be a continuation of this ...
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Chapter 33: Gambits

Chapter 33 of the City of Gargoyles. Book 2 in the Light-Father Trilogy. A new day dawns over Milverburg but the Order attacks earlier than expected. The merchant docks are blockaded and as Harold rallies everyone to defend Niflheim, the lowest level of the city, the Order Angels attack Uppermost ...
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Without Wings – Chapter 2 – WIP

 wrote this as the first part, but realised there is more to come before it, so apologies. This is the second part. There is some strong language. Problems with a teenage daughter begin to escalate ...
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Chapter 32: Such Calm Before

Chapter 32 of  City of Gargoyles: Second Book of the Light-Father Trilogy As night falls across Milverburg, lights blaze from tower windows for the first time in six years as the defenders drift through an evening of fear and uncertainty. At the Great Abbey, a new horror unfolds... Such Calm ...
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Chapter 31: Nick of Time

Chapter 31 of City of Gargoyles: Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy The Five Angels race to Fitzgeran Island on the River Elver to rescue Ondine and her Sisters but the Erdethric Hybrids and their wolves may well beat them to it.... Nick of Time       Thanewell had never seen ...
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