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Creating spasms

incoherent raw rant not for religious optimistic people ...
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Three 50-words mini-tales

I am a man of few words ...
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River bank

poetic microtale (trying to see if this format works better after years and years of editing) ...
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Treading the Boards

A follow-up to: ...
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Walking it off

Micro-fiction ...
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Till Dreams Do You Part

older slightly edited repost,  ...
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A Tense Situation

A shopping expedition ...
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On a Sunday afternoon, Robert was invited to an Indian family. Although he doesn’t take a liking to spicy food, he thought he’d give it a try; besides he thought that once in a while change of taste was okay. Strange as it seemed, he had taken a liking on ...
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Email to a reader, CC: Anyone, 16 part E

according to plan there's trouble in paradise ...
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No one

Leela aunty, after lunch, was having oranges in her spacious balcony that overlooked the road that was enjoying its lazy afternoon siesta; there was no one on the road, the Indian Sun seemed very warm and comforting. “Leela Aunty!” “Who are you?” “This is Subrata. Class of 1977?” “What?” Leela ...
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Cold Turkey

Sitting eating leftovers on Boxing day this story came into my head. Only after I had written it did I realise it was a caricature of my own mother.  ...
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Three Ships

Flash fiction - 400 words ...
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Email to a reader, CC: Anyone, part 16

introducing Voice Diogo (a real person from another site who had no problem to become an imaginary voice in this science fiction script of mine) (this long post contains all previous parts at the end) (age rating: 18) Soon "Excusez mois silvous plait" "Oops, it's you again" "This strange loop ...
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Guilt and Gullibility

I wrote this a couple of years ago for a competition. I have now re-edited and expanded it slightly ...
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The Fly On the Wall

Flash Fiction - Approx. 400 words ...
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A Simple Task

A short story that was written in response to a challenge. Comments, criticisms welcomed ...
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The Devil’s Doorbell

An "almost true" story of a first sexual encounter ...
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A Lesson

Updated and corrected version now. Please feel free to comment, critique or complain ...
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