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Letter to the Polish Government

To whom it may concern. Please forgive my lack of Polish. I am a British immigrant to your country. I prefer to consider myself a refugee. I have lived in Poland for ten months now. I left Western Europe because I could no longer stand their insane immigration policies and ...
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Wong’s Water Pot (Part 2 of 2)

My only fictional story in the first person. Other fiction has always been in third person. Any critique or comment more than welcome. I’m particularly keen to learn if any of the paragraphs should be shorter. (Including in Part 1 previously submitted) Thanks. This is the second and final part ...
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Chapter 24: Tower of the Sun

Chapter 24 of the City of Gargoyles: Book 2 of the Light-Father Trilogy  Snatched from the jaws of death, Surl is reunited with Ken Glascae whom she'd freed from the Redemptions Cells at the Great Abbey. Uneasy alliances are forged....     Tower of the Sun        Harold despaired as four ...
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Birthday Musings (April 2018)

So now I am thirty-eight years old. And, not for the first time, I am having to rebuild my life from scratch. I will do this by leaving the culture I grew up in completely and moving to a significantly different one which, surprisingly, is only a few hundred miles ...
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Wong’s Water Pot (Part 1 of 2)

My only fictional story in the first person. Other fiction has always been in third person. Any critique or comment more than welcome. I'm particularly keen to learn if any of the paragraphs should be shorter. (Including in Part 2 to follow) Thanks. This is the first part of a ...
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Some Thoughts on Feminism

Imagine this scenario. Your ancestors have lived in Britain for centuries, most likely for millennia. They were not the landowners or politicians or empire-builders or slave-traders. They were just the ordinary people who ploughed the fields, milked the cows, worked down the mines and in factories, and who went off ...
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new, sci fi prose poem ...
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English Spelling Reform

The upheavals of the Middle English period (1100 – 1500) have left the English language, in terms of spelling at least, in a bamboozling chaotic mess that is extremely frustrating for learners of the language. In terms of vocabulary and pronunciation, the English language had pretty much settled down by ...
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The Smile of a Logician

For the time being the time being is preoccupied. PM if you wish but please respect the current notice. - Yours sincerely “So you’re making fun out of Pascal are you? He’s a friend of mine.” “Well, I think he’s somewhat too old.” “The fort just ran” “Who told you ...
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I Hate the Liberal Left

Something happened recently which, more than anything else I’ve ever experienced, perfectly encapsulates why it is that I hate the Liberal Left. Someone on Facebook asked for people’s opinions on Tommy Robinson, saying that he wanted to avoid inhabiting an echo chamber. However, this man does indeed live in an ...
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The opening of “Beyond Vogue” (Work in Progress?)

The text isn't exactly brand new and my question is: is this worth continuing on for me? Comments most welcome!! ...
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Late in Coming – A Note on David Bowie

Music to go with this one would be a (live) version of "Absolute Beginners". Preferable ending is John Cale singing "Sorrow" and others at a Tribute concert. This would be quite a task really - David Bowie wasn’t just anybody. Yet it is somewhat easy for me to do this ...
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Opening parts of “An Everyday Self”

Like the title says this is the opening of a short novel of mine dated 2014; surreal in nature. Enjoy!! ...
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Health is wealth

Health is wealth Anger is the deadliest grass you can ever have. It hits and hurts you first. You get diseases like indigestion, insomnia, migraines, skin diseases, cancer, arthritis, depression, and many more unwanted maladies. Ways to avoid anger. 1. Don't use harsh words 2. Don't abuse anyone, not even ...
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Jimmy The Rhymer

For the prose challenge ...
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Email to a Reader, CC: Anyone, Part 15.

The MASSAGE. Age rating 18. fiction challenge 17-06-19 ...
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Joking with myself

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A Nobody

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