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Under Steel Moons

Unconditional Love   Tides surge and recede. Moons wax and wane. I grow older too… But contained within that flow ...
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Free to Run

One from the archives (totally reworked) describing the day I came home to put my mother's old cat beyond suffering.  ...
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My True Poem

Poetry means many different things to many people. This is what poetry is from my own personal perspective, your's may ...
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Too long a road…

No gain without pain on the Isle of Arran. (With audio narration - turn your sound on) This poem has ...
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The Ritual of Leaving ...
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Poem     ...
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The Message in Me

An older poem, restructured to encompass latest developements on global affairs. Order out of chaos / divide and conquer ...
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Yule Moon Rising

A poem about cosmic connection and world events. Nevertheless, I am wishing a very Happy New Year to all who ...
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Red Velvet

A saucy little festive number from Christmas, 5 years ago. It was read more than two thousand times I think ...
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