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Gold Dust dies but new short story journal with an unusual publishing philosophy rises from the ashes  

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I would like to tell you about a new short story journal that I started at the end of May when Gold Dust Magazine ceased publication. As some of you may know I was the Prose Editor on Gold Dust for the entire 16 years of its existence, but as everyone else on the staff except Adele Geraghty gradually left to do other things it became too much work for the two of us to do on our own so we reluctantly threw in the towel. Gold Dust had a great run and built up a terrific reputation.

I decided to take the opportunity to launch a project that I'd had at the back of my mind for a long time. Rather than write about it at length here I'll give you a link to the announcement that I put out to launch it:

The basic idea was that I would ask short story writers to allow me to publish their own choice of their best story, whether previously published or not, provided they hadn't signed away their rights and, within reason, regardless of length. I would publish the stories in a paperback book style journal called Personal Bests Journal and all sales income would be divided equally between all the authors with a story in the book. The world's first "Fair Trade" short story collection.

The response was large and immediate. Within the first three weeks I had almost 150 submissions, most of them absolutely first-rate. Although I had intended to launch Issue 1 shortly before Christmas, the best possible time to launch a book of any kind, I found myself propelled forward on a great wave of enthusiasm from all the contributors and the first edition is now actually live on Amazon, although awaiting more reviews to go on the back cover. 

The book has 300 pages and 31 short stories ranging in length from 700 to 12,200 words, each one of them its author's No. 1 choice of their own best work. I think this could be a very successful enterprise. If you want to submit something for consideration for Issue 2 just send it along to me as described in the "Announcement" document above.

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Here's the link to the book:

Personal Bests On Amazon

Posted : September 22, 2020 7:49 pm
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David, so good to see you back. 😀 A brilliant venture for you! Want to let you know I found Personal Best Journal on the US version of Amazon and have it on order along with a couple of poetry books and one on Justice Ruth Ginsburg. Recognized Omna, Geoff and Adele as members on the original UKAuthors and managed to read the first part of Omna's story, which intrigued! Feel pretty sure that's a portrait of you on the cover editing away in your cellar, right? 😀 😀 😀    

This is Shelagh aka freya aka britgrrl, by the way. In case you haven't a clue who belcanto is! 

Posted : September 24, 2020 10:00 pm