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PC/Windows crashed a week or two ago, and I lost all emails bookmarks etc. Decided to go with Debian/Linux and ditch Windows altogether. So far so good, can do everything Windows can do and more. Using Thunderbird as an email client and have got a permanent VPN installed. Total privacy is now ensured 🙂

Anyone else using it?

Posted : 09/06/2019 8:44 pm
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I use Linux Mint on an old laptop. The laptop was the wife's and it took hours to start up and was eternally slow with Windows on it. I downloaded a copy of Linux and installed it on it and it runs like new. It was Windows that was sh*te not the laptop. Works a dream. Libreoffice is great for writing on and it offers really handy options such as embedding fonts into PDFs so you can upload them to self-publishing sites with ease. I think its amazing considering its free shareware. Have you looked at all of the extras you can download to use with the operating system too, they are worth a look at. 

Posted : 17/06/2019 4:15 pm
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I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Runs like a peach!  Fast boot-ups and shutdowns, more modern interface, and it was free.  Never tried Linux...'tis a little too esoteric for me, although I've heard nothing but good things about it if you're so inclined to learn a whole new operating system.  Good luck with it.  👍 

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Posted : 24/06/2019 5:03 am
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One day I must try Linux. Heard nothing but good things. People solved many problems and it was not their laptops, it was Windows. So it's free right? a stupid question, if I save all the things I want can I add them later? or will they not be compatible? does it have some sort of Word document too? Can I use windows word?

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Posted : 24/06/2019 6:22 pm