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My Published book 'Yeshua!'  

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I am pleased that OM Books International of New Delhi liked my book enough to publish it. Here is what their reader said:

“I was sorry the story had to end for I so enjoyed reading the book. While Yeshua's story is culturally, historically and geographically localised, it cuts across all physical and temporal boundaries and has universal appeal. The story deals with the soul in its myriad manifestations, with power equations and games, human cruelty, subjugation, the quest and hope for liberation, delusion, defeats and an unending cycle of Pyrrhic victories. Bernard Shaw asked rhetorically, 'Must then a Christ perish of torment in every age to save those who have no imagination?' That question offers a devastating conclusion about the ways of the world. Yeshua! shall always be a special book for me.”

Dipa Chaudhuri, Editor at Om Books International, New Delhi

However, as I was not familiar with this publisher, I gave them the rights only for the Indian sub-continent. If they marketed my book successfully, I would give them worldwide rights. The powers that be did little or nothing and have sold no more than 200-300 copies. I have been asking in vain for a final accounting. A thoroughly sad business. However, they printed 5000 copies so there are many I can get at author's price and I could ship them on to you, if you would be interested. Here are some of the reviews for the book.

“The author writes from his Jewish position but is sympathetic to the Gospel narrative. As Jesus is put in the frame of his people and his time, the novel makes the Gospels comprehensible to modern readers.”

(Late) Prof. David Flusser, New Testament Authority, Israel

“(Jonah has written) a lively, engaging, imaginative novel that sets out a gripping story in modern English, the life of Jesus. The turbulence of the times, the characters, and village life of 2000 years ago are detailed, fascinating and fully convincing.” (1st Prize, historical genre)

UKAuthors Judge’s report

“Last night I read the second half at one sitting! Good job. Sacred fiction is difficult to write because so often the substance is embedded in myth. Your fictional account is certainly as good as any and perhaps better than most. One thing your book makes very clear, Jews should write the history of Jesus."

Gilbert Kern, Unitarian Pastor, USA.

“I couldn’t put it down. It was fascinating. It let me see Jesus as a living, breathing, involved Jew, trying to come to terms with himself and his religious beliefs. All the characters came alive. You took me back to the biblical world and to the turbulence of the period.”

Zipporah Porath, Author, Israel

 “Edmund Jonah gives us an authentic feel of village life 2000 years ago. An historian and self-taught student, and a Jew himself, the author obviously knows the Gospels, the history of that era and the physical region well. The story itself is gripping, with action, heartbreak, setbacks, conflict and resolution to keep the reader interested – and wondering if indeed, this is what did happen to Jesus.

Writer's Digest Report

“Recreating the life of Jesus is a Herculean task and Edmund Jonah has undertaken it admirably. In ‘Yeshua!’ one sees a very human Jesus. The political, psychological, economic, social, and religious currents of that world come very much alive. One may not agree with the picture of Jesus that Edmund Jonah draws here but the author is challenging the modern world to think creatively about Jesus and about ourselves.”

 The Book Attic Reviews

“I read excerpts from ‘Yeshua!’ and was transported in time to Biblical Jerusalem. Your knowledge and descriptions of the religious/historical background is absolutely remarkable. I was mesmerized by your writing and had to read the excerpt twice. I enjoyed and appreciated your work. Well Done!”

 Jim Curran – Author/Playwright - U.K.

“This is beautiful writing. The syntax is so alluring, almost poetic, that it leads the eye and the senses forward all the time. You can't bear to stop reading because of the inner pleasure the words give you. You want to go on reading because you need to know what happens next. It is a gift born story-tellers have.”

Sheila Belshaw – Author - S. Africa

“Edmund Jonah has created a masterpiece. An Israeli, Jonah knows his topic in breath-taking detail, and blends his own spellbinding writing with scriptural writings into a thoroughly believable narrative. Effectively woven into the story is the political and violent tension between the Jews and the Romans, in the midst of which this man comes to vibrant, thrilling life. ‘Yeshua!’ is historical fiction at its best.”   

Andrew O'Hara, Jimston Journal

“The Atlantis Short Story winning participant Edmund Jonah managed to have his novel accepted for publication. ‘Yeshua!’ is an outstanding literary piece that proves one more time that the law of hard work is no secret. By carefully adding and revising with exceptional perseverance and dedication, Edmund Jonah surely rendered a work worth looking at.”

The Atlantis Short Story Contest 

“I enjoyed every bit of ‘Yeshua!’ All those figures from history came alive. It was thrilling and exciting and more; the interplay between the many characters was brilliant. I longed to read on, wanting to know what occurs next.  It was fascinating to have the times, the village and city life, the political and religious world and this very interesting character resurrected in this mesmerising book. One can see the great deal of research the author has done to present the characters in their natural surroundings. This wonderful book deserve any success it gets.”

Ruth Greenfield, Programmer analyst, V-P,  Indian Jewish Heritage Centre, Israel

“I am so pleased to be able to write you and say I have read ‘Yeshua!’ by Jonah and I enjoyed it immensely. I like the style, the straightforward way he handles what could be a delicate subject. More than anything else, he makes Yeshua a human being who believes he has a calling. I do feel I will be able to sell this manuscript. What a joy it is to work with material that you feel enthusiastic about.”

(Late) Mrs. Bobbe Siegel, partner to Book Publishers Association of Israel, USA

“Edmund not everyone is blessed with the kind of writing you do, your writing is magical.”

Dipti Patel of WorldFamous Authors’ Agency, Mumbai

“An exceptionally well told story which draws the reader straight to the heart of this turbulent tale. Astonishing skill.”

King Author judge’s remarks, UK

“Intelligent and well written with such a strong evocation of the period and the setting, that it immediately draws the reader into a turbulent but well-drawn world.”

Scott Cairns, Head of Development at King Author. Co. UK

The book will cost £25.00 which will cover cost of the book, cost of shipment from India and cost of shipment to you.

Below, you will be able to read the first 5 chapters of the book

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Congratulations! ? 

Will it be available on Amazon and/or other book outlets?

I can add it to our books carousel(s) and send out a newsletter.

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It is available on Amazon but, regretfully, only for buyers in India. So the only way at present, is directly through me.

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I would like to thanks for posting about your book so that new members aware about new stuff & they will help to extend their skills. I'm very happy for you "Whale" & that's good to know that you have received such a marvellous achievement through your book i.e "Yeshua". I hope your this book break all the selling records asap.

Good luck!



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