From Good Hope To St Helena  

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From Good Hope To St. Helena

by Robert A Wilson

This download is 202 pages in length, with 56,889 words, and 324 images, most of which are colour or black and white photographs.   It covers part of my sea career between the years 1974, and late 1992, when I left the sea.   It includes the end of my service with Union-Castle, three years in Silver Line cargo vessels, and the remaining 13 years with Curnow Shipping/St. Helena Line.

The chapters are as follows:

1 The Last of the Union-Castle Mailships 1973- 1974

2 RMMV Good Hope Castle 1974 - 1976

3 Bulk Carrier Silverdon 1976

4 Oil Tanker Algol 1977

5 General Cargo/Log Carrier Bandama 1978 - 1979

6 RMS St. Helena ex Northland Prince

7 Voyaging in the RMS St. Helena 1979 - 1982

8 RMS St. Helena, Ministry of Defence Charter 1982 - 1983

9 Recognition

10 Normality and Near Disaster 1983 - 1985

11 Out With the Old, in With the New - 1985 - 1992

12 Merchant Navy Sunset - 1992 - 1917

Chapters 6 to 11, are mainly devoted to RMS St. Helena (I).   There is very little on the replacement ship that came into service in 1990, although I served in her for almost two years.

Chapter 6 contains lines, profile and general arrangement plans for RMS St. Helena (I).

The file is about 89mb and takes about two minutes to download on a normal broadband link!

It is in PDF format, and may be viewed in devices with Acrobat Reader Installed.

If printed out, it will make an A4 size book, of 202 pages, including the index.

It will shortly be produced in printed form, A4 size.

November 2017

Click the link below and scroll down a bit to read the synopsis.  Then, if you wish to purchase a download, a Paypal button is provided for £4.99.

Posted : November 13, 2017 5:21 pm
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I was going to have this printed, but the quote wase for more than I felt like paying, but the payhip downloads are doing fairly well!


Posted : November 15, 2017 6:42 pm
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After thinking about it, and printing a test page at A5 size, I decided to go ahead and have it printed.     Sent off the files via We Transfer last Friday, and they started printing them today.   The next processes are cutting, binding and trimming, so should have them in about a week.    The print is not too small on A5 (It was originally intended for A4), as it is still about 70% A4 size.  


Posted : November 21, 2017 3:35 pm
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Well done Bob - congrats! Looks like another triumph.

Posted : November 21, 2017 8:20 pm