Should the BBC have...

Should the BBC have their Public Services Licence revoked?  

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Arses need kicking at the British Bullshit Corporation.

I am sick of the negative language used by the BBC newscasters. We are leaving the EU with or without a deal, we are not "crashing out" nor are we "falling off a cliff" we are leaving, plain and simple. Then there's the scaremongering: There could be shortages of everything from food to fuel, no temporary or short term mentioned. So rationing will be a possibility. So, we'll be short of everything for all eternity? Oh dear!

If we are to believe the worst of these implied disasters, the EU will stop selling us stuff. The Germans and French will be quite happy to have acres of unsold RHD cars filling their fields with thousands of workers being cheerfully laid off. Wine lakes will appear all over France and their tourist industry will be rid of those penny-pinching Brits forever. "Oh, Joy" cried every French person. Those dear Spanish people will let their tomatoes and salad crops rot before they'll sell it to those nasty Brits who dared to defy the mighty EU. Perhaps then they'll stop coming in droves clogging up hotels and bars, pestering to buy food and drink. That'll larn 'em!

The standard of BBC reporting has declined to the level of a poorly run propaganda machine. It seems that to be a BBC  presenter all one needs is a master's degree in windbaggery.

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Posted : August 21, 2019 11:53 pm
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