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Latest edition of Gold Dust (issue 37) just uploaded  

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Remember Gold Dust? We haven't gone away but I think it's some time since we visited UKAuthors. Our latest issue has just gone on sale (also available as a free PDF download) at

Omma Velada, the magazine's founder, is no longer very active, having returned to full time work, but Adele Geraghty (Deepoceanfish-something-or-other) is still running the poetry side and I (Sirat, otherwise known as David Gardiner) am doing the prose side. We have some great stories as always and have launched a competition with a £60 first prize and a £30 second prize for a story told in pictures (closing date 16th April 2020). Come and pay us a visit. Submit your stories and poems. You'll find the submission guidelines here:

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Posted : November 11, 2019 11:33 pm