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[Closed] Probably goodbye from me  


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June 6, 2020 3:00 pm  

I am heartily sick of all the sniping. I find the place like a graveyard now compared to how it was when I started. I have had to gird my loins to even log on, the atmosphere is so bloody dark.

I have enjoyed both Archie's writing in the old days (incredibly gifted whether you like it or not, that is my opinion) and also appreciated Nicolletta (another gifted writer and good human being) tried repeatedly with valiant grace to keep things afloat. To me, it is no longer a place I feel comfortable in and I am not unaware of the changing roles I have witnessed over the years either. 😖 😖 😖 

I hold great affection for many of you but there is a creeping damp that has permeated into the very fabric of this beloved site. I am not accusing anybody...I am simply stating a fact. I have given monthly for years to try to help in a small way to keep the site afloat.

It seems a wasted, futile exercise now. I wish things were different but looks like a rudderless ship where the crew have mutinied and flung people overboard or made to walk the plank by some who in my opinion....never gave a fraction of what the plank-walkers did.
This makes me very sad indeed but I will not be drawn into internal politics on a ship heading for the rocks and no light-house in sight.



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June 6, 2020 5:06 pm  

Alison, I wouldn't be against my membership being removed from the site in its entirety as was requested, and Gammon +, and his followers reinstated as the site's dynamo and attraction if that's what members like you, and others as yet unknown, would prefer to happen, rather than, that is, trying to reinstate the site as a whole family friendly and open to all writing styles and aspirational levels again?
I had kept away from the site, but even after a month's absence, I was still being subjected to abuse by Gammon. Hence the latest situation, which Admin resolved by trying to stop this abuse. Now you have stated that you think this was the wrong way to resolve it?
I do understand if you can't be arsed with all this anymore, it is tiresome! I had hoped you had come back to support a refreshed site. 

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June 6, 2020 5:33 pm  

No Trevor. I am thankful that I have remained somewhat detached from the goings on as the site seems to have descended into a Bedlam I feel no affinity for sadly.

I did try my best to drum up some enthusiasm to engage but the undercurrents, whether covert or overt, just did my head in. 😖  

I mean, surely we all agree that with creativity comes in countless instances a certain mental fragility.?

I know it does with me. Being a highly sensitive person has helped me write poetry from the heart but it has also wounded me...deeply...on many occasions....and I simply HATE all this squabbling that seems to have gone on for ages with no respite.
I am so glad I am not involved. I am struggling to remain positive as it is, with what I am seeing happening in the world, the loss of my mum and my continual health issues. This place used to be an escape. A place of sharing with others similarly inclined but one by one they died or left...

Many I had endless laughs with too. Steve, Shywolf, among the still living...

I could never ever want to be part of any online taking sides or character assassination. It would make me very unhappy and so I feel my time here is coming to an end.

We all dislike people, even people we can see are talented. It saddens me to see some who came and did not contribute in crit or comments, now holding sway but I will say no more rather than get dragged into the scrum.

Hurt feelings go much deeper in poets than others and I feel as the world has changed beyond recognition and free speech is now being censored in general, we need to practice kindness to one another.