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I've sent out an email due to the new GDPR Compliance rules. Also I wanted to clear out the spam and old newsletter subscriptions and be left with only active and real UKA newsletter subscribers. At this moment there are 5,000+ subscribers and many (most) of those are just spam and crap that has built up over time. So I have set ALL subscriptions to NOT CONFIRMED and sent out this email (you'll get it soon if you have subscribed to the newsletter) which asks you to click the link contained to reactivate   and actively agree to receiving future UKA newsletters and emails.

In about a week I should then have a list of active and real newsletter subscribers and I can then delete the one that have not responded. At this moment (5th Oct 14:30) 113 people have resubscribed (yay! and thanks!). 

If you haven't subscribed or didn't even know you could and you want to receive some newsletters (we don't send often) then click this link and you can create a subscription.





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Posted : 05/10/2018 2:41 pm