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October 19, 2017 10:11 am  

 I have many more than three but These will do for now.

Question 1. Can I copy my archive stuff or some of it, work on it, tool with it, ruin it and then re-submit to this whistles and bells version of UKA? Only my submissions pot looks seriously unpi**ed in and that makes me feel ashamed.

Question 2. Is there any way I can go back to donating by posting a cheque? I'm a bit paranoid about TMI being available to too many people. Well you know what I'm like, you used to know what I'm like.

Question 3. WTF was question 3 Oh yes What is the meaning of the Colemans mustard coloured banner that tells me not to forget to TWEET? I think I kicked my twitter account in to touch not long after I created it. I don't even look at my Face Book page that often these days. How do I tweet if I don't have twitter?

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October 19, 2017 12:41 pm  

Hi, Chrissy.

Q1. Yes. And once you have pasted and submitted your archived into active submissions you can email me and I can remove your old archive from the list.

Q2. Don't worry about donating. Do cheques still exist? 😉

Q3. If you don't have a  Twitter account... you can't tweet! But, if you DO have one you can click the 'tweet this' button below any and all submissions to instantly tweet to the world. Tweeting is a great way to get more folk visiting UKA to read AND join the community. The tweets contain the hashtags #amreading & #amwriting which means they will be seen by readers and writers.