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As things have changed so much over the last few years, so have the number of 'nibbers' by all accounts. To be clear, I was never privy to who else were nibbers. It was considered best to be anonymous due to the risk of people accusing us of favouritism etc.

I now know that several are no longer with us and I hoped they would be replaced, as I feel it is a great encouragement to post and see one's work appreciated in this way. 

Everything is a bit nebulous as things stand. I have never admitted to being one but then people started thanking me, as it seemed that only I was awarding them and that made me feel very uncomfortable. 😕 

I am glad to see Franciman is back, as like so many others, he was busy elsewhere with other projects. I did ask a couple of people to consider it but it IS a commitment in time and energy.

We need another moderator's getting together to see the way forward. Many really talented poets have gone on to pastures new and that is a real loss as they would have been valuable contributors.

I also see that previously banned members have returned. I have no say whatsoever in that but to be transparent I have to say I cannot read them due to what happened in the past.

I could  not bear a repetition of those times as I want the site to thrive.

What say you?

Posted : January 28, 2023 2:06 pm
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I would echo the need, at least if the site picks up, for some active and objective 'nibbers' for both poetry and prose, as it does encourage contributors, as well as increasing the level of inclusiveness. 

As it's been brought up, I would like to add also, that I've never been banned from this, or any other writing site, only inadvertently had my membership deleted. On this site, once by e-griff, (Richard kindly managed to retrieve most of my work though I lost all comments including in the Forum), and once by my very own hand, panicking after Disqus suddenly compromised (set off a security stop) my link with four authorities (from working days; there's a Wiki page somewhere about how Disqus particularly affected security in Sweden). I left this site two years myself when a politically-based poem (Sturgeon critical) was not allowed to be resubmitted after it was taken off because of the abuse it had received in the comments section, which is probably its intended purpose. Moderation too, can be too partisan, or unnecessarily prominent and suppressing, it should be kept to a minimum. Keeping advocacy over our own lives and opinions is being eroded more and more these days. I'm always polite and respectful, initially, and when it's reciprocated, and never bear a grudge. Life's too short for that.

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Posted : January 28, 2023 9:52 pm