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Nibs need to be on members's page

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I also think that nibs should be displayed on the writer's page like they used to be. For instance, I can go into a new member and see 8 poems say and no nibs when they may have won several. People like having their work recognised as well they should. Today's nibs are lost in days. We need to change this to stimulate growth.

I also think we should have the person's last 5 posts underneath their bio.

I know we can click on their small icon but to have their last few works visible, especially if nibbed, would give more a sense of encouragement.

I am doing my best here to suggest things I feel would help. Some days I am not able to go online due to health issues.  If I am a lone voice I will shut up. 

Just because some are fairly new members does not mean they do not have a voice. This has to be a joint effort or a recurrent apathy will descend once more and I shall not be staying for that. 😬 🧐 ❤️ 


Topic starter Posted : February 13, 2021 1:02 pm
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would be good if it was like that. 

Posted : February 13, 2021 2:17 pm
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Hi Nic, Thank you. I think Richard must be indisposed at the moment. Things are so unsure who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Onward and upward!

Alison xx

Topic starter Posted : February 15, 2021 6:56 pm