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Encouragement and participation.

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Hello all,

As I have been away for a while and lost track of the potential of the anthology, I was thinking about ways to encourage participation. I know we are keeping things simple to start with but we used to have a 'fav poems' or 'fav writers ' as part of our profile page.

Maybe it would be counter productive just now, seeing as we do not have a great many posting but everyone likes nice feedback on their work (if genuine of course)
We used to have several anonymous pickers and even the pickers did not really know who they all were. Everyone has different tastes and so maybe we could think about the ability of anyone to relegate a poem to 'personal favs' or something to encourage people to read that one.. In this way someone could nominate a poem to the others as a good piece. That piece may or may not have been nominated but in lieu of nominating something for the anthology could be taken into favourites by whoever thought it deserved that. 

This is a throwaway link to think about. I welcome what others think. I want to keep things simple for Richard until things get going. I am very aware in the past we got tied in knots trying to do things and then got discouraged. There are also great poets and writers who maybe have not posted for a while but could offer their services as nibbers?

Welcome thoughts.

Posted : December 18, 2022 4:29 pm