The new orphanage

‘Tell me why you feel this way.’ ‘I wish I could tell you. They are so caring. I have two sets of parents now.’ ‘So?’ ‘I’m in class V now. I am quite grown up. I need to understand the marriage of my parents has broken for good. I cannot expect them to be friends again.’ ‘But they are friends

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Life skills

“What? Are you crazy? I will never allow my wife to work. Women should be best kept at home.” Everybody was nodding their heads in approval. Except Kalyan. “You must be out of your mind Rajesh. Do you know the organization you are working in has more of women workforce than men?” “Ah Kalyan… all these things I know, but

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On school counselor’s advice, Priya was expelled. She was 14 and had a physical relationship with her neighbor-uncle, a 50 year old bachelor. On the fateful night, when she returned home late, bruises all over her body, she found her parents fighting; that low-voice fighting behind closed doors pierced through the walls; how she hated it. Top notch managers of

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