‘Is this a story? Or is it simply  A discovery, I wonder. We are traveling Through the moments, We stop and restart alone, We wander. Will these lines Aspire to become dialogues, Or will they remain monologues Of a lonely writer?’  As I was reading his poem from his diary, I thought of how reticent he was as a boy.

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On a Sunday afternoon, Robert was invited to an Indian family. Although he doesn’t take a liking to spicy food, he thought he’d give it a try; besides he thought that once in a while change of taste was okay. Strange as it seemed, he had taken a liking on a particular course, the mix vegetable. As goes the belief

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No one

Leela aunty, after lunch, was having oranges in her spacious balcony that overlooked the road that was enjoying its lazy afternoon siesta; there was no one on the road, the Indian Sun seemed very warm and comforting. “Leela Aunty!” “Who are you?” “This is Subrata. Class of 1977?” “What?” Leela was referred to as aunty (not aunt) by her students

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