Vishal Morjaria – A Guide You Can Rely Upon

If you have ever been in touch with Vishal Morjaria, you know it very well that he is someone that you can trust ...
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The holocaust of Britain

Shashi Tharoor in conversation with Anita Anand, BBC on his book An Era of Darkness. Enjoy listening by clicking here Nothing much has changed as far as eyes can see. The wisdom is to be watchful on words used. But I guess in the absence of willingness to cleanse the mind from ethnocentrism, everything becomes ornamental and plastic at the same time; therefore, 'now' it is too late ...
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The reluctant benefit tourist.

This is a part of my life which I was reluctant to accept initially to come to the UK,having been forced to come  as a POW. I wrote this piece many years ago and just came across it again ...
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Passing by:

Looking at my life am I passing my life away or is my life passing me by? Is life passing me by? This is when I look toward the sky. Throughout my life mental ill - health has been a problem. A problem shared is a problem halved they say. Come along to Mental Health Matters well being club;said interested friends. That was four years ago; what a life - line they are, such a helpful friend. Writing poetry, prose and art are my favourite past-times: And what a haven they are for the mental ill-health I suffer from. Life ...
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Mental Sojourn:

How true it is that a physical wound heals faster than an injured mind. Recently broke my wrist it took six weeks to heal. My mental ill-health continues to drain my health, you'll find. Masking moments of dispare and confusion. Why was I born so afflicted? Some answer amidst all the confusion depicted. How creative my mind can be and so devastating; Destructively, crushing and destroying thoughts at will. Trashing ideas:so harmful, some are like being addicted. Maybe it's time to take my medication and swallow a pill. Time to let some ideas take hold. Thinking instead of reaction to ...
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A Brief Encounter.

An account of a very strange occurrence. I picked up the phone to be informed that my late wife's wedding ring was now ready for collection.It had been re-sized to fit my finger.I was going to keep my promise to wear it . When I looked out of the window I could see that it was going to be another one of  those wet, windy days,and I decided to leave the visit to the Jewell for another time. While doing my chores my mind kept nagging that I should go and collect the ring today.It kept bothering me until I ...
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The Genesis of Universal Madness

When primitive Man left the way, the light, and the truth, and invented religion to help mitigate the fear of death and abandonment ...
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The Illusion Of Preserving Time

or the cuckoos have landed! A tongue-in-cheek report on my mental state ...
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Professor Plum’s Humble Advice

as a behavioural scientist, not as a politician. I just wanted this writing out there again.   All schools should be separated from religion. Children should be banned from attending all religious places of worship until the age of reason, ideally at age fifteen +. Children should have the basic human right of not having psychotic phenomena inculcated into their sensitive developing psyche, only ethical socialisation. If followed, and with the law enforced, after several generations, religion will exist only after objective, belief appraisal, and remain re-assessible, including the ability to reject it as being illogical or unnecessary. Personal, individual spirituality will not be ...
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The Cancer Diary (January and on)

Another chapter in my life with cancer ...
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