Creating spasms

incoherent raw rant not for religious optimistic people ...
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MD Of The Mind

  The most natural and free self-help, specific and general purpose psychological psychotherapy available to the general public. Although successfully used since conception, it has never been published. This is the original, natural mindfulness. Take it or leave it depending on need ...
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Let us be conscious

Or indulge in incivility.  ...
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Red light

Sujata, like any other child, wanted to study. She was admitted to a good vernacular medium school far away from her neighborhood.  Initially she had many friends. She was good at studies, but as time went by she discovered herself as a flutist. Slowly, she became very lonely, this flute became her only company. She stood like Krishna and practised playing the flute for hours. Everyone appreciated her art, but from far. She had this tremendous social scar, that of being fatherless. Slowly, she saw herself sitting alone in the classroom, in the garden. Everywhere. Today, while she's receiving the ...
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Free Barbie

What do you think of me huh?  A puppet, a doll?  Or even worse, a ping-pong ball? Barbie was disappointed with her parents. Her mother Piya, one fine morning, just went absconding... until, two days later, later she was found safe in her grandpa's place.  Domestic violence? Yes she agrees, but who would abandon her only child to seek refuge like this? She was only 12 when this happened to her! Angry, violent, withdrawn, she felt rejected by her own mom!  Not one day did she call her up to find out how she was! So cruel?  She needed her ...
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Brazil burning

Brazil burning. Rainforest on fire. Blaming has started. It means the problem is here to stay, according to Peter Senge, a renowned systems thinker. Drawing a problem-map involving all stakeholders can help us have a bird's eye view. Those who're cutting trees to earn a living are successfully selling the products to the buyers. We need to show an alternative way to them if we have to prevent deforestation. In the past, many products and professions have gone out of use because people stopped buying and or selling a particular product. Even habits like smoking in public places has been ...
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Tell me

  I am a fool. That's why growth and development doesn't attract me. When rich become richer, poor poorer for years on end, I don't see any growth. Trust me, I see a design, a pattern, but no growth. Which car you drive, which version of software you use, how digital you've become, what chandrayan 1 and 2 can or cannot do doesn't mean anything to me. What political parties do, not do, how patriotic you are or you aren't doesn't mean anything to me. Tell me when you, with your science and technology, growth and development, can remove pollution ...
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Late in Coming – A Note on David Bowie

Music to go with this one would be a (live) version of "Absolute Beginners". Preferable ending is John Cale singing "Sorrow" and others at a Tribute concert. This would be quite a task really - David Bowie wasn’t just anybody. Yet it is somewhat easy for me to do this as brief as I can do it. The rest is simply not there due to being too embarassing really. I'm off listening to Cale before or meanwhile I do something very practical. Here's to all of you!!! ...
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In Mortal Isolation

which is rarely achievable these days! ...
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Burned Rubber Streets – Two Images

I let the pictures speak. I. Big City Night Life - Sweden 2019 Night time And new expensive looking cars; The sound of music in Arabic Pounding through the car windows; Lamp lights stare in vain ... A car stops! A girl is taken in by the music!! She enters!!! The car heads of towards a crossing formed as a Y. Instead of turning right The car continues its ride to the left, Which is straight ahead Towards a suburb. A girl screams The same girl who entered earlier Taken in by the music Played loud!!!! The music is still ...
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