Middle-class people should not be allowed to vote

This isn’t a joke. I’m being perfectly serious. It is time for the working classes of Britain to seize power in a state of class war, and create a situation that is the mirror opposite of how things were before the Great Reform Acts of the nineteenth century. Why? Because middle-class people are fucking awful. That’s why. Not all of them, by any means. It would be wrong to generalise, and all rules have exceptions. But quite clearly, most middle-class people, a definite majority, are utterly repulsive. For example, people who read the Guardian, and who actually agree with the ...
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Letter to the Polish Government

To whom it may concern. Please forgive my lack of Polish. I am a British immigrant to your country. I prefer to consider myself a refugee. I have lived in Poland for ten months now. I left Western Europe because I could no longer stand their insane immigration policies and increasingly absurd political correctness. I am worried about the future of Poland. I see your wonderful country as being in danger of falling to the same ideological sickness that the West has fallen to. Political correctness, which is a kind of neo-Marxism, is growing in Poland, especially among the young ...
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Birthday Musings (April 2018)

So now I am thirty-eight years old. And, not for the first time, I am having to rebuild my life from scratch. I will do this by leaving the culture I grew up in completely and moving to a significantly different one which, surprisingly, is only a few hundred miles away and on the same continent. So how do I feel about Western civilisation? I feel that basically, as Gandhi is purported to have said, “it would be a good idea”. In more detail though, how do I actually feel about the culture in which I have grown up and ...
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Some Thoughts on Feminism

Imagine this scenario. Your ancestors have lived in Britain for centuries, most likely for millennia. They were not the landowners or politicians or empire-builders or slave-traders. They were just the ordinary people who ploughed the fields, milked the cows, worked down the mines and in factories, and who went off to fight in whatever futile war the government told them to go and fight in. Your father is a minicab driver and your mother works in a factory. They divorce when you are a baby, so you never have a proper father figure growing up. Nobody ever teaches you how ...
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English Spelling Reform

The upheavals of the Middle English period (1100 – 1500) have left the English language, in terms of spelling at least, in a bamboozling chaotic mess that is extremely frustrating for learners of the language. In terms of vocabulary and pronunciation, the English language had pretty much settled down by the end of the Early Modern period, and by 1700 the “trap-bath” split had occurred in London. When Samuel Johnson published the first English dictionary in 1755, he missed a golden opportunity, in my opinion, to radically standardise English spelling. Here we are in the 21st century, with English held ...
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I Hate the Liberal Left

Something happened recently which, more than anything else I’ve ever experienced, perfectly encapsulates why it is that I hate the Liberal Left. Someone on Facebook asked for people’s opinions on Tommy Robinson, saying that he wanted to avoid inhabiting an echo chamber. However, this man does indeed live in an echo chamber consisting of all the usual suspects: loud-mouthed young hipsters in their 20s and 30s who now live in London but originally come from somewhere else, mostly places where there aren’t many ethnic minorities. The men all have hairy faces and the women, presumably, all have hairy armpits. Middle-class ...
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Late in Coming – A Note on David Bowie

Music to go with this one would be a (live) version of "Absolute Beginners". Preferable ending is John Cale singing "Sorrow" and others at a Tribute concert. This would be quite a task really - David Bowie wasn’t just anybody. Yet it is somewhat easy for me to do this as brief as I can do it. The rest is simply not there due to being too embarassing really. I'm off listening to Cale before or meanwhile I do something very practical. Here's to all of you!!! ...
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Health is wealth

Health is wealth Anger is the deadliest grass you can ever have. It hits and hurts you first. You get diseases like indigestion, insomnia, migraines, skin diseases, cancer, arthritis, depression, and many more unwanted maladies. Ways to avoid anger. 1. Don't use harsh words 2. Don't abuse anyone, not even in your thoughts, remember thoughts kill, thoughts heal. 3. Don't judge, love. Believe in this... "Love me the most when I deserve it the least." This will help you have a sound mind in a healthy body. Remember your mind creates your body, not the other way around. How to ...
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In Mortal Isolation

which is rarely achievable these days! ...
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Burned Rubber Streets – Two Images

I let the pictures speak. I. Big City Night Life - Sweden 2019 Night time And new expensive looking cars; The sound of music in Arabic Pounding through the car windows; Lamp lights stare in vain ... A car stops! A girl is taken in by the music!! She enters!!! The car heads of towards a crossing formed as a Y. Instead of turning right The car continues its ride to the left, Which is straight ahead Towards a suburb. A girl screams The same girl who entered earlier Taken in by the music Played loud!!!! The music is still ...
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